Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody demands Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas resign

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has demanded that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas resign for his role in overseeing the creation of the government disinformation board.

Mayorkas’s replica of the Ministry of Truth along with his other failures, notably the crisis at the southern border, has made it clear he isn’t fit to serve in such a high position.

During an interview with Fox News’s “America Reports,” Moody said, “They want someone to come in and push out information that is misleading and in many times, as I proved, false. This secretary under oath to Congress said we have effectively managed the border; 2 million people have flooded in under his administration, more than the total population of 15 of our states.”

The crisis at the southern border is unprecedented and only set to get worse with the Biden administration set to repeal Title 42. Millions of illegal immigrants are set to pour across the border and Mayorkas is doing nothing to stop it.

Moody continued saying, “That’s just since he’s [Mayorkas] been secretary. They have to do this, if you look at what’s happening under this administration, the American people understand the truth. They are incompetent and ill-purposed. That’s not what we need under the Department of Homeland Security.”

Border patrol agents have been very vocal in their desire to see Mayorkas gone, despite the best efforts of the mainstream media to suppress just how bad the situation really is.

Moody finished by saying, “This is a man supposed to be leading an agency to protect our homeland. Drug traffickers at the border have skyrocketed, sexual offenders, terror watch list skyrocketed. This week a district court judge said under Mayorkas, under Biden, the southern border is nothing more than a speed bump. Americans are less safe under this administration and Mayorkas. He’s got to go.”

Mayorkas has been an abject failure ever since he was nominated by President Biden to lead the DHS.

Mayorkas has weaponized the DHS against Americans while simultaneously catering to illegal immigrants and ensuring that the left’s open borders agenda goes unchallenged. He either must resign now, or Congress must remove him once election season is past.