Florida AG announces new anti-crime initiative as crime stats skyrocket across the country

While Florida used to be nothing more than a destination for vacation-seekers and elderly, retired Americans, the state has quickly become one of the most conservative, freedom-respecting states in the nation.

According to the Floridian, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody evidenced once again why the state continues to attract new residents from across the country, as she recently announced a new anti-crime initiative that will certainly have pro-crime politicians like Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) absolutely furious.

With a new focus on ultra-liberal prosecutors and judges allowing criminals to go free, which has resulted in a wave of new crimes, including the recent rash of “smash-and-grab” looting incidents, Moody told Fox News’ Harris Faulkner about one of the ways her state was prepared to deal with the crisis.

First, Moody announced the “Be a Florida Hero Initiative,” a program designed to help recruit more law enforcement officers to the state — especially those who feel they’ve been ostracized by the communities in the states in which they currently serve.

Secondly, the state will establish a new database that tracks the criminals who organize and continue to repeat the mass looting and retail theft operations, which will allow for the state to keep a closer eye on the situation and hopefully prevent some of the incidents from occurring in the future.

“We’ve seen the rash of organized thefts across the nation, we’ve been working diligently to ask law enforcement ‘how can we be helpful, how can we work with the businesses that are victims in order to provide the right information, so that you can put the pieces together and go after these folks?’ And so I was proud to stand with law enforcement here in Florida,” Moody said.

AG Moody added: “We will continue to do that, continue to be ingenuitive in Florida because we will not let crime run Florida, Florida will run crime out of our state,” noting that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is on board with launching the new database.

She also touched on politicians like Pelosi, and others in the Democratic wing, who continue to seemingly be for crime, and not against it, given the Dem Party’s “defund the police” movement and bail reform policies that have led to record-setting crime rates across the country.

While other state and city leaders, like Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) blame retailers for not having proper security or leaving expensive handbags on display, it’s refreshing to see political leaders taking initiative to protect those businesses, as they’re the real victim in this situation.