First lady Jill Biden goes under the knife

The office of Jill Biden reported on Thursday that a procedure to remove an object lodged in one of the first lady’s feet was successfully completed at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, as Fox News reports.

According to The Hill, Michael LaRosa, a spokesperson for Mrs. Biden, revealed that the first lady encountered the object during a walk along the beach in Hawaii last week, where she stopped for a visit on her way back from Tokyo, Japan where she led the American delegation to the Olympic games.

The object itself, which was not identified, apparently became stuck in the first lady’s left foot, and Thursday’s procedure was designed to flush debris from the puncture wound that resulted, as Fox News further noted.

Following the procedure, LaRosa reported that the wound was “clean, free of infection” and was predicted to “heal nicely,” news that was certainly a relief to President Joe Biden, who reportedly joined his wife at the hospital.

According to the Mayo Clinic, not only are puncture wounds such as the one Mrs. Biden appears to have sustained painful, they are also often quite deep and and present a significant risk of dangerous infection.

Reporters asked the president Thursday about his wife’s condition, to which he responded, “I’m going to find out in a minute. That’s why I’m leaving.”

Mrs. Biden’s visit to Hawaii included more than just a walk on the beach, as the first lady also stopped at a pop-up COVID-19 vaccination site on Oahu and implored residents of the state to seek immunization in order to “help us move past this virus once and for all,” according to Fox News.

Before departing for Washington, Jill Biden also attended a barbecue for military families at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in which approximately 75 people were in attendance, The Hill reported.

Regardless of one’s views of the Biden administration or its policies, Americans can all surely unite in relief that the nation’s first lady’s medical procedure was a success and that her injury poses no additional danger.