Firefighters called to battle flames at Manhattan Fox News building

For the second time this month, the Manhattan home of Fox News Channel has been the scene of a frightening fire of seriously destructive potential, with flames having broken out in the building’s basement on Sunday evening and injuring one, as the Washington Examiner reports.

According to the outlet, local firefighters were called to respond to reports of flames within a trash compactor at the network’s 6th Avenue premises.

As local Fox affiliate WNYW noted, 26 emergency response units arrived at the scene around 9:30 p.m., a group that included 84 firefighters as well as EMS personnel.

The Examiner further reported that the cause of the conflagration remains under active investigation and noted that no additional information had been revealed as to the victim’s identity or the extent of the injuries sustained.

This latest incident comes just weeks after the network’s massive “All-American” Christmas tree was destroyed by arson before being swiftly and miraculously rebuilt in fewer than 48 hours, as the New York Post noted at the time.

The Hill reported earlier this month that a 49-year-old man named Craig Tamanaha had been arrested at the scene of the Christmas tree fire and was subsequently charged with arson, criminal mischief, criminal trespass, and reckless endangerment and released without bail.

Though network host Tucker Carlson suggested that the incident was akin to a “hate crime” and an “attack on Christianity,” Tamanaha is reportedly homeless and suffering from mental health issues, perhaps clouding the true motive behind the arson.

Never one to take life too seriously, network personality Greg Gutfeld joked, “Even though the arsonist is already out on the streets, probably working at CNN, we want the bad guys to know that you can keep burning down our trees because we’re going to keep putting up another one.”

Likely unrelated to the Christmas tree fire, hopefully the cause of Sunday’s scary scene will be quickly identified, and the injured party will make a prompt and full recovery.