Feds indict 3 men accused of committing arson during Chicago summer unrest

In the immediate aftermath of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis last May, cities across America were engulfed in violent and destructive protests that often included arson and looting, and the Windy City was no exception.

Stemming from the racially charged unrest that involved radical groups such as Black Lives Matter, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has just charged three men with allegedly setting a Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) van alight on May 30, 2020, maliciously causing its destruction.

According to a DOJ press release, Denzal Stewart, 24, Lamar Taylor, 23, and Darion Lindsey, 19, each now face one count of arson over the incident in which the CTA vehicle sustained severe damage.

In June of last year, Chicago police distributed surveillance footage showing the CTA van being set on fire while parked on a traffic island located in the 300 block of South State Street.

In the video, one man was seen attempting to set a piece of cardboard alight before noticing the unattended van. He then sets fire to something inside the vehicle before an accomplice shut the doors to the vehicle.

Taylor and Stewart both pleaded not guilty following their Wednesday arrests, and detention hearings for both were scheduled for Friday morning. Lindsey was already in federal custody for an unrelated matter, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

If found guilty, the trio faces anywhere between 5 and 20 years imprisonment in a federal penitentiary, though as the DOJ release reiterated, indictments are not evidence of guilt, and the government has the burden of of proving culpability beyond a reasonable doubt.

As the firestorm surrounding Floyd’s controversial death swept the nation in early summer, protests in Chicago devolved into looting and violence that gripped the city for several days. Over 1,200 people were ultimately arrested in the disturbances, and assistance from the National Guard was required to quell the uprising, according to the Chicago Tribune.

According to estimates released by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity and the state’s Emergency Management Agency, the vandalism and looting that came on the heels of Floyd’s death resulted in over $20 million in damage within Chicago’s Cook County alone, the Sun-Times reported separately.

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  1. Biden & his gang are in the WH thanks to MEGA-FRAUD by the billionaire, millionaire supporters like Soros, Bill Gates & their ilk who want open borders, one-world government.
    Legitimate votes for Pres Trump were ‘lost, destroyed, or changed in favor of QPQ Joe.’ Let’s also give credit to the Supreme Court for refusing to consider the case of fraud, in spite of video & whistle-blower evidence.
    I think term limits for SCOTUS members is important to consider!

  2. You think they will be PUNISHED??????????????????????????

    Chicago……. Think about who called this home for a while BEFORE he was wrongfully made president and wreaked destruction on US society!

    Obammer will probably have Sleepy and the Ho appoint these losers to high ranking DOJ positions!

  3. all those rioting and burning acting like animals need to be prosecuted / any people like joe, harris, nancy and orthers supporting them being released so could go out and do it again should also be tried.


  5. You do the crime, you do the time.
    FUK BLM as Black lives DO NOT matter to the 100’s of 1000s of black women that murder their unborn every year.
    Black lives DO NOT MATTER to the 1000s of black teens/men that kill one another every weekend.
    We are NOT All created equal – that is ridiculous.

  6. This is great news! Keep finding more, because the destruction, riots, looting, violence; was wrong. That was no way to protest, that was taking advantage of a situation for their own personal gain. Sadly many cities were effected by those who didn’t care who they hurt or the consequences of their actions. Hopefully, they get the maximum sentence so that others will see and learn that this type of behavior is WRONG and won’t be TOLERATED !!!

  7. How did they solved problem in the old West? If the judge would not follow the LAWS. DIDN’T they end up under six feet of dirt? Well all that money BLM stolen to funds their crime. They can pay the BAIL FOR THEIR CRIMINAL! OR JOIN THEM! IT JUST A MATTER of time til the TRUTH IS OUT! THOSE MAXRIST BLACK WOMEN will get their reward!

  8. C’mon man, they were just barbecuing. This will be response from a Berry Sorta DA and will be buried in fake news reporting. Two patties or one with gutta cheese should stink up this case.

  9. It’s about time BLM be held responsible. They are scum as far as I am concerned. I’m certain the BLM movement started out with a purpose; however, even if a black person was committing a robbery and a white officer showed up to arrest, the blacks would be marching. George Soros backs these thugs so I have no use for any of them. BLACKS NEED TO REALIZE BECAUSE THINGS DON’T ALWAYS GO THEIR WAY, IT ISN’T RACISM – IT’S THE LAW.

  10. It’s time to start fining social media every time they cancel anybody. The Dems keep filling the air waves with lies every time they speak and are never silenced but in the eyes of social media their lies fit the propaganda. We are getting to the point of NAZI GERMANY. Third world here we come. This is as Nancy wants ,the Stormtroopers protecting the real communists.

  11. I think that there should be a heck of a lot more being brought up on charges for the destruction across this country. When you look at the burning, looting, bodily harm to civilians, and especially law enforcement that have died. No, there are a lot more that have to be held accountable. Certainly seems the invasion of the Capitol was horrendous, but, the destruction across the country should be just as important.

  12. There are a whole bunch of these guys that need to be charged. The looting in all of the cities was evidenced by TV footage showing them going in and out of stores with merchandise that didn’t belong to them in their possession. Between burning and looting the jails ought to be filled. There is no reason for this criminal behavior.

      1. I’m with you guys, I will believe it when it happens. BLM and antifa both groups rained hell over a lot of cities , totally believe they have been ignored, but to me that will not get anyone to listen.

    1. I live in hope, but with the crooked judges we now have it will never happen. Blm get away with murder amongst other things. There a terrorist group

      1. I’m surprised our VP hasn’t bailed them out yet, or has she, as she has a history of bailing these ” young lads” out last summer. Remember those ” mostly peaceful” protests?

    2. Now we’ll see if they have the BALLS to give them what they deserve or are they still scared to be “politically incorrect”. Death will show the others we mean business.

    3. Biden just signed an order to pardon 2,600 BLM who murdered looted and burned Cities usually it’s Kamala letting them free to keep doing all the damage and kill more people.Yet they put Trump supporters in prison for 20 years to life time to get Biden and Harris out of office for treason against this Country and it’s citizens.

    4. I bet its a DOJ/FBI game being played They wont be found guilty as they are Bidens and Harris’s friends and supporters of Pelosi


    5. Well dont be surprised if the Vice President doesnt find someway of bailing them out. Shes backed the BLM and other rioters this past year. But we will see if the get a slap on the wrist and are let go. They should be sentenced to the max.

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