Federal judge slams fed prosecutors, asks if Jan 6 rioters are being treated fairly

A federal judge presiding over the case of one of the many Jan. 6 Capitol riot protesters hit prosecutors with a stunning question last week regarding whether or not the law is being equally applied to rioters arrested during Jan. 6 and those arrested during the widespread, violent George Floyd riots over the summer of 2020.

According to the Associated Press, it was U.S. District Court Judge Trevor McFadden who questioned the credibility of federal prosecutors, given that they seem much more interested in Jan. 6 protester prosecutions than they do the rioters arrested during the social justice riots. 

McFadden wasn’t shy about his opinion as he presided over the case involving Jan. 6 protester Danielle Doyle’s sentencing last week.

“I think the U.S. attorney would have more credibility if it was even-handed in its concern about riots and mobs in this city,” McFadden said.

The federal judge, who was appointed by former President Donald Trump, even took the time to go over statistics concerning George Floyd rioter cases in Washington D.C. that were pursued by prosecutors.

In Doyle’s case, federal prosecutors were hoping for two months of home confinement as her sentence. Instead, McFadden sentenced Doyle to probation.

Even with the probation sentencing, which was likely a sigh of relief for Doyle and her attorney, McFadden called her actions on Jan. 6 a “national embarrassment,” and held nothing back as he reminded her that her actions are inexcusable.

In contrast, U.S. District Judge James Boasberg, appointed by former President Barack Obama, sentenced several Capitol rioters to jail time, leaving many to believe that sentencing in the matter boils down to which president appointed the judge presiding over their case.

It’s truly a shame that federal prosecutors also seem to be playing politics in cases that involve those arrested for rioting. That’s not how the U.S. justice system is supposed to work.