Fed prosecutors attempting to drop the hammer on 1/6 protesters

Justice Department prosecutors are gunning to make an example out of some of the first Jan. 6 protesters to face sentencing. That was evidenced recently in the case of Guy Reffitt, the first Capitol rioter convicted at trial for his actions on that day.

According to Business Insider, federal prosecutors on Friday asked for a 15-year sentence for Reffitt after he was convicted and found guilty of no less than five charges related to his actions, including obstruction of an official proceeding.

The prosecutors in the case argued before a judge that Reffitt’s particular sentencing guidelines warranted a “terrorism” enhancement.

Insider added: “Reffitt, of Texas, was also found guilty of entering restricted Capitol grounds with a handgun and with later threatening his children to keep them from reporting him to law enforcement.”

Prosecutors in the case argued that Reffitt was a key player in shaping the violence that would erupt that day, specifically with regard to showing the mob, made up of thousands or more, that they could breach the Capitol building fairly easily.

Video of Reffitt was played in court, showing him decked out in tactical gear and leading the way for thousands who would eventually enter the building. Prosecutors described Reffitt as the “tip of this mob’s spear.”

So far, the longest sentence any person involved in the Jan. 6 Capitol breach has received is five years. If handed a 15-year sentence, Reffitt would triple that record.

The judge in the case, who happened to have been appointed to the bench by former President Donald Trump, is expected to announce Reffitt’s sentencing on Aug. 1.