FBI arrests Antifa after plot to attack Trump supporters on inaguration day

In a terrifying example of the threat posed by leftist hate groups and ignored by the media, the FBI has arrested a Syrian-trained Antifa sniper that planned an armed maneuver to “encircle” Trump supporters.

Baker is a former Airborne infantryman who went AWOL from his unit before being deployed to Iraq. He was dishonorably discharged from the Army.

Tallahassee.com report:

According to the federal complaint, in 2017, Baker joined the People’s Protection Units (YPG), an affiliate of Kurdistan’s Working Party which has been designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the United States government.

Baker claims on social media that he is a trained sniper for the YPG, the complaint states. YPG is a group fighting in Syria against ISIS and the Turkish government.

Through documented interviews with FBI Special Agents, the complaint states, Baker admitted to training members who attended the YPG lnternational Academy on military and defensive tactics.

What could go wrong? A trained sniper who participated in the CHAZ violence this year threatening Trump supporters?

At what point should we accuse the media of inciting violence against Trump supporters?