Fauci to haul in a staggering $350k per year for his NIAID retirement pension

It’s bad enough that Dr. Tony Fauci, head of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) is literally the highest-paid government employee on the books, but the Washington Examiner revealed the next step in Fauci’s tale of government fortune. 

According to the outlet, Fauci, upon his retirement, which can’t come soon enough for at least half of the country, will rake in a staggering $350,000+ per year for his NIAID pension.

The report added that the infectious disease expert could have called it quits in 2005, but decided to stay on with the agency, where he would eventually end up with a government salary of some $434,000 per year, making more than the president of the United States.

ABC’s Jonathan Karl recently asked Fauci if he was prepping for retirement, a question which Fauci almost hilariously shot down, because, why would he with that kind of money pouring in? But the answer he provided centered around the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There’s no way I’m going to walk away from this until we get this under control. I mean, that’s the purpose of what we do. That’s our mission in life. In the middle of it, I’m not going to walk away,” Fauci replied.

He added: “You know, we’re in a war, Jon. It’s kind of like we’re halfway through World War II, and you decide, well, I think I’ve had enough of this. I’m walking away… You can’t do that. You’ve got to finish it — and we’re going to finish this and get back to normal.”

Open the Books, a website that tracks government salaries and related data, calculated Fauci’s post-retirement haul using the highest salary of his three-year average, and assuming it pans out, Fauci will also set a record for the highest government pension in U.S. history.

Meanwhile, the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch is keeping a close eye on Fauci’s fortunes, with the group raising questions regarding his exorbitant government salary.

“Anthony Fauci wields unrivaled political power in our federal government, so it is urgent the American people have full access to his financial disclosures,” Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said, adding that the fact that his group had to file a lawsuit to obtain such information should raise red flags automatically.