Fauci facing prison time after document dump indicates he lied to Congress

According to a recent report in The Intercept Dr. Anthony Fauci is believed to have lied to Congress about research conducted at the Wuhan lab where COVID-19 is believed to have originated. 

The Conservative Brief reported that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) believes the document drop by The Intercept proves his accusations against the White House advisor on the pandemic.

Despite Fauci’s continued insistence to Congress that the National Institutes of Health had no part in paying for gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab, Paul has remained steadfast in his belief.

“Surprise surprise – Fauci lied again And I was right about his agency funding novel Coronavirus research at Wuhan. Read this thread and the papers released,” Paul tweeted.

The Kentucky Republican attached a thread of tweets from Rutgers professor of chemistry and chemical biology, Richard H. Ebright which explained the story at The Intercept.

The information, as reported by The Intercept and explained by Ebright indicates that American tax dollars were used to fund “bat coronavirus research at the Chinese laboratory.”

Not only did the research take place funded by Americans, but the research itself was “a road map to the high-risk research that could have led to the current pandemic” according to Gary Ruskin, who serves as the executive director of the U.S. Right To Know group that has been investigating to origins of the pandemic.

All in all, the United States Government gave $3.1 million to an American company that supported bat coronavirus research at the Wuhan lab. Around $600,000 of that was reportedly used by WIV to isolate and alter bat coronaviruses that could infect humans.

The Conservative Brief as well as former Trump Administration attorney Jenna Ellis pointed out that if these allegations are true, Fauci could be facing as much as five years in person as penalty for perjury.