Far-left groups restart efforts to pack Supreme Court in wake of Roe reversal

In the aftermath of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade, a number of far-left advocacy groups have begun redoubling their prior efforts to pack the panel with additional – liberal – jurists, as the Washington Times reports, and their push is laying bare their willingness to prioritize raw power even if it means the death of justice and the integrity of the institution itself.

The outlet explained that the so-called “Four More” campaign is designed to bring quartet of new justices to the high court and that it is being spearheaded by progressive organizations such as Demand Justice, Indivisible, Stand Up America, Take Back the Court Action Fund, and the People’s Parity Project.

Christina Harvey, executive director of Stand Up America, explained that in light of recent decisions from the panel of nine already at the Supreme Court, she and like-minded individuals feel there is no other option than to demand that the panel grow to include 13 justices, rather than nine.

“We know that change this big will not be easy. We know that it will not happen overnight,” Harvey said following the reversal of the landmark 1973 abortion ruling. “But if our lawmakers want us to send them back to Washington this fall, they need to give the American people a roadmap not just for codifying Roe v. Wade but also for how they plan to stand up to this out-of-control court.”

According to proponents of court packing, the idea of adding justices is neither new, nor radical, with the group Demand Justice claiming that it is “the only way to restore balance to Court” and describing it as “straight-forward, constitutional, and grounded in history.”

The Four More campaign website also notes that 60 members of Congress have already signed onto the group’s objectives, with high-profile Democrats such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA) and Rep. Adam Schiff (CA) among them, as the Times notes.

Late last year, Warren imperiously declared, “We must expand the Supreme Court. I don’t come to this conclusion lightly or because I disagree with a particular decision; I come to this conclusion because I believe the current court threatens the democratic foundations of our nation.”

Though recent history has suggested that there is virtually no far-left proposal President Joe Biden will deny, fortunately even he has expressed his opposition to the type of court packing progressives demand, with White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirming as much last month.

While it may be true that a substantial majority of Americans – on both sides of the aisle – have lost a great deal of confidence in the Supreme Court in recent years, it is incumbent on the citizenry to see Democrats’ push to pack the panel with liberal justices for precisely what it is – a naked power grab that must not be permitted to succeed.