Famous cartoonist who drew a dog’s body on Muhammad dies in horrific auto crash

Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who became a popular figure after publishing a cartoon that depicted Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, with the body of a dog, died at the age of 75 as a result of a car accident.

However, according to PJ Media, the circumstances of his death have already raised questions, given that Vilks’ life hasn’t exactly been easy since his cartoon was published, as he’s received numerous death threats, and has lived through several dangerous situations in which he was targeted. 

The Daily Mail reported that Vilks perished in a disturbing auto accident over the weekend, with the vehicle he was in reportedly veered into an oncoming lane and collided with a truck. His vehicle was reportedly traveling at a high speed and became lodged under the truck with which he collided.

Both of the vehicles involved in the particularly nasty accident burst into flames. While Vilks perished, the driver of the truck managed to survive, being taken to a hospital for treatment of serious injuries.

Bizarrely, two police officers assigned to protect Vilks also died in the accident. As of this writing, the accident is being investigated by a Swedish special prosecutor’s office.

National Police Chief Anders Thornberg issued a short statement on the shocking development, saying, “It is with dismay and great sadness that I received the news that our two colleagues and our security person died this afternoon,” adding, “My thoughts go out to their relatives, families, friends and co-workers.”

Given the nature of the crash and the person involved, Anders Jakobsson of the special prosecutor’s office was asked by reporters if he believes it’s more than just a random car accident.

“With the information I have now, it indicates that it is an accident,” Jakobsson said, adding, “But the investigation is at a very early stage.”

Only time will tell if Vilk’s death was truly a horrific accident or if given his past work, foul play was involved.