Family takes legal action to get ivermectin treatment for dying man, both courts reject it

As Americans continue to battle through the COVID-19 pandemic in the hospital, more and more people are turning to treatments that have been demonized by Democrats and by their allies in the liberal mainstream media, such as the drug ivermectin.

According to PJ Media, Daniel Pisano, a COVID-19 patient who has been on a ventilator for nearly one month, who will likely die short of a miracle, is a prime candidate for the drug, according to his family. His wife and son, understandably, want to deploy a plan recommended by the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), which includes the use of ivermectin. 

Unfortunately, the woke doctors at the Mayo Clinic, which is supposed to be a cutting-edge, prestigious hospital, refused to administer the drug. So, naturally, the family sought relief from the courts.

Even more unfortunately, a judge shot down the request, and adding insult to injury, during a time of great stress and pain experienced by Pisano’s family, an appeal after the court ruling was also struck down.

Embarrassingly, the Mayo Clinic — again, a hospital ranked at the top of the charts for decades — said the reason they can’t deploy the FLCCC’s recommended plan of action to save Pisano’s life is because it goes against their COVID-19 treatment protocol.

In other words, one of the finest medical institutions in the literal world would rather Pisano take his chances on a ventilator, which as most know, is almost always a death sentence. As a matter of fact, Pisano, as of this writing, has roughly a 5% chance at surviving.

It’s truly unfortunate for the Pisano family, as the Mayo Clinic, even if there are doctors there with good intentions and open minds, have been hamstrung by their overlords in the liberal corporate media world, along with President Joe Biden’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Last year, when the ivermectin debate was raging, liberal media pundits poked fun at it, only highlighting its use on livestock and failing to point out that it has been used to literally save the lives of those dying from COVID-19.

The FDA had even jumped on the bandwagon, posting a disgusting tweet last year that essentially made fun of the drug’s use for COVID. Only time will tell if the Pisano’s get any relief, but it looks like the Mayo Clinic is perfectly fine with letting a man die without trying legitimate drugs that very well could save his life.