Fallout from Biden’s Afghanistan disaster sounds death knell for Dem election hops

President Joe Biden might be under the impression that he’s scoring points by ending the 20-year war in Afghanistan, but given the wake of negative publicity he suffered as a result of his gross mishandling of the U.S. troop withdrawal, he has another thing coming.

As Washington Examiner’s White House reporter Naomi Lin pointed out in a piece on Tuesday, Biden, and Democrats in general, have taken a massive hit over the Afghanistan foreign policy debacle, and with the 2022 midterms roughly a year out, it’s not a stretch to presume that the party is hoping that America forgets about it sooner than later. 

Perhaps Biden could have stood a better shot at the country moving on, had 13 U.S. service members not been killed during the mission, let alone the fact that hundreds — or possibly more — Americans and Afghan allies have been left stranded in the Taliban-occupied country.

However, because the entire ordeal was nothing less than a total humiliating disaster for not only the White House but also for America, even Democrats have joined a number of Republicans in demanding congressional inquiries to get to the bottom of what really happened behind the scenes for such a disaster to unfold as quickly as it did.

Oh, and did we mention the U.S.-led drone strike that reportedly might have been responsible for taking the lives of Afghan civilians, including multiple children? That’ll be investigated, too.

Let us also not forget about a new, connected crisis that is already brewing, which will revolve around the tens of thousands — or more — of Afghan refugees that are being resettled on U.S. soil. Many experts have already insisted that it’s virtually impossible to properly vet those refugees in such a short amount of time.

Historian Brian Rosenwald believes there’s a good chance Biden could escape this monumental disaster, pointing to how quickly the news cycle can shift and make voters look past or forget certain issues. He believes voters will be more concerned with “COVID-19 and the economic reverberations of the pandemic, as well as whether Biden’s economic agenda passes and whether people feel any positive or negative impact from it.”

However, with the number of congressional hearings that will result from Biden’s Afghanistan debacle, which will undoubtedly drag on into next year and be rehashed over and over again, many believe the topic could sting Democratic candidates who were already facing overwhelming odds, as Republicans are expected to barnstorm to victory all across the country.

Only time will tell how Biden and the Democratic Party fair, but if damning new information is leaked to the press in the coming days and weeks regarding the lead-up to the fall of Afghanistan, it could make a bad situation even worse for the White House.