‘Eyeing the exits’: Report claims Harris will soon lose more staffers

Truly, at this point, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Vice President Kamala Harris is facing an embarrassing situation in which her staffers are jumping ship. Given her unlikeability, low polling numbers, and failure to do her job, she’s quickly turning poisonous.

With several high-profile resignations over the past month, the vice president’s office was dealt yet another blow as, according to Fox News, additional staffers are reportedly “eyeing the exits” as Harris’ office officially goes into full meltdown mode. 

Aside from several resignations over the summer, the latest round of exits came just before Thanksgiving, when communications director Ashley Etienne threw in the towel.

But last week, the biggest bomb — to date — fell in the form of a surprise resignation from Harris’ senior adviser, Symone Sanders, which was reportedly so out of the blue that many of her colleagues were left with wide-open jaws upon hearing the announcement.

Given the emerging pattern of high-level staffers leaving, and rumors of more to come, political pundits were quick to agree that Harris is quite likely the worst person to work for in the entire world.

Fox News contributor Joe Concha added his take, describing Harris’ office as a “sinking ship,” and pointed to her approval ratings as a clear reason for the exits.

“I guess when your boss’ approval ratings are at 28% and she’s polling even lower on her number one job, the U.S. southern border where migrants continue to flow over, two million passing over this year. I guess I would leave too, because this is a sinking ship,” Concha said.

It was Politico that first reported on the “abusive environment” reportedly happening within Harris’ section of the White House. Other reports emerged in the following weeks suggesting the same, though President Joe Biden’s White House has repeatedly denied that anything out of the ordinary is happening.

If it’s become this bad in 11 months, it’s extremely difficult to imagine what the White House will look like by 2024.