Experts release new book detailing impact of voter and election fraud in US elections

After the 2020 election, there was no shortage of news headlines regarding the controversy that emerged from those who believed widespread voter fraud occurred, and those who believed it was nothing more than a conspiracy theory.

As time passed, voter and election fraud news took a backseat to other headlines and issues facing America, and both sides seemed to have moved on for the most part.

However, according to the Washington Examiner, two longtime students of the study of election and voter fraud in elections spanning decades ago, Hans von Spakovsky and John Fund, are releasing a book detailing just how serious the issue actually is, and continues to be.

In their recently published book, Our Broken Elections: How the Left Changed the Way You Vote, Spakovsky and Fund “highlighted the 1,334 cases of fraud and 1,147 criminal convictions Heritage has collected dating to the 1982 conviction of 63 involved in a scheme to stuff 100,000 extra ballots in an Illinois gubernatorial primary,” the Examiner noted.

The two visited numerous, well-documented cases of voter and election fraud over the years, and pointed to the fact that when it was suggested that it occurred in the 2020 election by former President Donald Trump and others, the media, and Democrats, seemed to suddenly look the other way, as if it wasn’t real.

“They have pushed the false narrative that there is no fraud in our elections or that it is so minimal that we should not be concerned about it. They have also, with their willing allies in the media, falsely labeled any efforts to implement needed reform as ‘voter suppression,’” the two authors noted.

Spakovsky and Fund added: “It is hard to see their intent as anything other than to make it easy to cheat and manipulate election results and to do so without getting caught or prosecuted.”

The two were fair in their assessment of the blunders committed by several of Trump’s surrogates shortly after the election, including by Sidney Powell, who once claimed she had so much damning evidence of widespread fraud she nicknamed her case the “Kraken,” only to be publicly humiliated in multiple courts of law, as in reality, she had no evidence to speak of.

“The anger of a candidate or his supporters over election irregularities must also be accompanied by some restraint in making allegations that can’t be backed up or are supported by unreliable evidence,” the authors added.