Expel Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz from the senate, says top Dem

If you had any doubts about whether Democrats were going for a full-blown purge, you should know now.

Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown just called for the expulsion of Republicans Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, after they voted to object to electoral college certification in favor of a voter fraud audit on January 6th.

Brown said:

Every day we see, almost every hour, we see another video that’s even more troubling about terrible things these rioters have done. We see continued acquiescence by far too many senators. We need to move forward on impeachment. I called for the resignation of Cruz and Hawley. Of course, they’re not going to. We need to move forward on expulsion. And then we consider what do we do after Senator Schumer becomes majority leader, what do we do with the six senators who sided with the terrorists after the attack on our country and on our Capitol and on our democratic government. What do we do with the 130 who voted with the terrorists after the attack?”

Brown’s tone and assumptions are chilling. “What do we do with them,” sounds less like a colleague, and more like a dictator weighing his options. “Hanging or the electric chair?” is the almost perceptible subtext.

What does he mean – ” the six senators who sided with the terrorists”  and “the 130 who voted with the terrorists”? The terrorists didn’t vote. And not a single one of the six GOP senators endorsed or sided with the attack on the capitol.

Brown, and most of his fellow Democrats, believe that if you oppose them, you’re automatically “siding with the terrorists.” As such, they feel free to strip you of your office, your rights, your possessions, and ultimately your freedom.

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  1. when there will be no investigation of the money paid to the biden crime family from the communist Chinese, the communist controlled democRATS have to remove everyone that thinks they have FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

  2. The dems must all go they are crooks from bush on down Trump needs to put marcial law in place an get rid of all of them we are no longer a free country must be taken down NOW !!!!!!!

    1. Yes I agree .. Enough already .,
      Capital not a scared building anymore . Its now the house of Democratic Corrupt government

  3. Things will get tougher as times goes by. I hope the millions who voted for Biden who didn’t campaign and didn’t ask questions don’t regret it too much. The demos seems to be like a herd of sheep. Just follow orders and don’t ask questions and most of all don’t ask questions.

  4. We are becoming an “Orwellian” society. Twitter, Amazon, Apple, Google and Youtube are now the Minister of Speech. Democratic companies no longer
    want to do business with Trump supporters and it won’t be long until its any conservative. Democrats now want to remove all elected officials who stood up against the election because of states not following their own laws. At this rate, it won’t be long before we are just another “Banana Republic”.

  5. I wish they was all worked up about what BLM AND ANTIFA WAS DOING ALL SUMMER AND EVEN NOW!!! Keep fighting Ted and Josh!!!

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