Ex-FBI intelligence head: Clinton campaign ‘just made stuff up’ to push Russia collusion narrative

Commenting on the ongoing legal saga that is Special Counsel John Durham’s probe of the Russia collusion hoax, a former intelligence chief at the FBI has come forward to assert his bombshell belief that the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign employed “contrived disinformation” in a misguided quest to discredit then-candidate Donald Trump, as Just the News reports.

According to former FBI Assistant Director for Intelligence Kevin Brock, the entire scenario orchestrated by the Clinton campaign is “more than just political dirty tricks,” and he told John Solomon’s Just the News, Not Noise television broadcast, “[p]olitical dirty tricks usually have some foundation in truth. But they just made stuff up.”

Brock’s comments included praise for the methodical manner in which Durham has been using his prosecution of Michael Sussmann, former lawyer for the Clinton campaign, to reveal the true origins of the ultimately debunked Russia collusion narrative.

In that case, set for trial later this month, Sussmann is charged with making a false statement to the FBI when he brought the agency untrue allegation of Trump links to Russia and claimed he was not doing so on behalf of any particular client or party, but was, in fact, doing so at the behest of the Clinton campaign.

Notably, as revealed by various filings in the case to date, researchers working for Clinton at the time expressed heavy skepticism about the validity and quality of the supposed evidence of a Trump—Russia connection, and it was ultimately declared “not technically plausible” and “user created.”

Indeed, in a court filing made just last week, Durham produced an email exchange in which a journalist who had been provided with the so-called proof of a Trump—Russia link deemed it “bullsh**,” yet widespread dissemination of the narrative continued apace.

Taking a swipe at the Biden administration’s newly-created and highly controversial Disinformation Governance Board, Brock told Solomon, “This is the way disinformation is really exposed, not by some contrived government agency, but by evidence presented in court that gets at the truth of what happened.”

“What Durham is methodically doing, is laying out a case that the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democrat Party used contrived disinformation in a conspiracy, in a conspiratorial way, to deceive the American voter ahead of the election.”

Though many conservatives have been frustrated by the seemingly slow pace of Durham’s examination of what really occurred in 2016 and beyond, in Brock’s estimation, the broader, damning truth is indeed coming out. “This is much more than an attorney for the Clinton campaign lying to the FBI,” he said, adding, “[Durham] is using this charge to expose a larger story, a larger narrative.”