Evidence on the ground indicates that some Covid death certificates are being faked

There’s no doubt that Covid is a bad disease, and that it has wreaked devastation across the country, but in economic and human terms. But that makes it even worse when our public health officials lie to us.

We deserve the truth, but that’s not what we’re getting, at least not from some officials. Covid reporter Alex Berenson gives us hard evidence of that with his latest revelation. Berenson posted screenshots of an email exchange with a reader, that provides hard evidence that death certificates are being manipulated to show Covid as the cause of death, rather than the actual causes.

The story is a sad one. As Berenson sums it up: “Isolation killed his mom, who had dementia but was otherwise healthy until she was hospitalized for a UTI and denied human contact; Covid is on her death certificate. ‘Nobody should die alone.'”

You can see the screenshots below:

This isn’t to say that all Covid deaths are fake. What it does say is that local officials are putting their finger on the scale in at least some cases. This is a disservice to the public because it rightfully breeds distrust.

If they didn’t lie to us all the time, maybe we’d have more faith in the experts. As it is, it’s hard to know who to trust.

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  1. A small amount of dishonesty is still dishonesty!! If we can’t fully trust our officials then we will not believe anything they say.

    1. This is no small amount. These numbers have been fake for months and months. All this proves is the swamp is huge and the dem o rats will do anything to take power over us and the whole USA.

  2. COVID on death certificates seems to be done in many states because we believe they receive more money if they state COVID death. It’s a shame and sad when people seem not to have any conscience when they lie if it helps their cause. Whatever happened to truth and the values/principles it supports. Are children taught right and wrong or right is what you want it to be rather than what is right/true.

  3. Falsified documents in by day was automatic termination from almost every job, but I guess when the Supervisors are Liberal the HR Department doesn’t have a problem with it…

  4. What is new? They also falsified the election. The demonRat’s lie about lying to you. What have we got for a supposed new president. His whole life was a lie or plagurized. His VP is just as bad. Born in CA. Raised in Ottawa, CN. But bused to school in CA. Calls herself Black but is Indian/Jamacan. The Quanza lie.

    1. Tim you are sooooo right on! ALL about money. I personally know of a couple people whose death certificate says COVID but was NOT!!!! Just wait for the crimes by Cuomo and nurses he paid to commit them for MONEY! That Gov. is personally responsible for at least 30,000 COVID “deaths”! Indictments should be forthcoming soon-him and several nurses who are involved.

  5. From the moment they took the presidents winning election away to lying about the COVID……this country is in for a very bad day coming. What a travesty that the people that the people elected to run OUR country don’t love our country. Why don’t they leave …… the crooked politicans should be hung or imprisoned for the rest of their lives. We used to be a country of GOD FEARING PEOPLE WHO LOVED THIS COUNTRY……I know they are still here but they simply don’t stand up for GOD BLESS AMERICA……Donald Trump won the election one day and the next they took it away….WOW AREN’T WE PROUD AMERICANS…..JUDGES …… HOW MUCH DID THEY PAY YOU NOT TO BACK OUR PRESIDENT…..you are a very sorry bunch……no balls, no guts and absolutely never to be trusted again…..GOD HELP US ALL……

    1. Virus is the hard push for elitest the same elitest behind planned parenthood this end game can only be the vaccine couldn’t pay me to take it no way no how

  6. CDC states that deaths year over year has been pretty stable over the last 7-10 years, 2.7/2.8 million average deaths, this past year hardly NO deaths reported from the FLU, only COVID, covid-19 deaths get $50,000-$75,000 per indecent, so there is MORE FRAUD.
    If this pandemic was real, simple math 2.8 + 300,000, how come our normal death rate hasn’t increased to 3.1 million dead?

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