Eric Garcetti says NO to Biden cabinet appointment

Breitbart News is reporting tonight that “Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said Thursday evening that he had turned down an offer to join President-elect Joe Biden’s Cabinet, despite speculation that he would be rewarded for his early endorsement of the former vice president with a post.”

“Joe Biden has told me for the last two years that he was very interested in me coming to Washington, D.C., and there were things on the table for me,” Garcetti said.

When losers like Garcetti are refusing to join the Biden team , what does it say about Democrat’s belief in Biden’s chances of success? Like rats leaving a sinking ship, even power-hungry pols like Garcetti are saying no to the power and fame of a cabinet appointment.

Garcetti’s excuse is typical political hedging. He says: “As the administration reached out to me about serving, I let them know early this week that my city needs me now, and then I want to be here and that I need to be here.”

It’s worth noting that Garcetti was a supposed “moderate” although many conservatives in LA might beg to differ.

In any case, the refusal is a troubling sign for a Biden campaign that is struggling to establish legitimacy.

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  1. “Joe Biden has told me for the last two years that he was very interested in me coming to Washington, D.C., Wonder how Joe Biden was so sure he going be back in the white house?

    1. Do you think!!!!!this was a well calculated plan by the leftist lunatic communist Democrats, they used machines that were programmed to make Joe Biden the winner of the election,and no matter how you look at it this was total voter fraud this why I say that the SCOTUS must hear this case and the election be deemed Illegal and a new election must be held in the 6 battleground states that are in question no if and or buts about it

    1. there are quite a few (too many) traitors in this country. Look at Wretched Whitmer blocking the GOP electors from the capital building. That is an act of treason. Look at the Bidens, Clintons, and Obamas (possibly Bushes) selling out the USA to foreign governments. John Kerry, John McCain (although he is no longer OUR problem), and others. The list is long.

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