Embarrassing Kamala Harris story DELETED from major media

Kamala Harris is a deeply divisive figure who has distinguished herself in politics mostly by exhibiting uninhibited ambition, and vengefulness towards her political enemies. (Just ask pro-life advocates in California)

But the media is insistent that she’s an inspirational figure, and if you don’t agree, you’re racist or sexist. And they’re willing to go to any length to protect her.

That caused a major scandal today, when it was discovered that the Washington Post, which has the ironic slogan “Democracy Dies In Darkness,” tried to delete an embarrassing profile of Harris, written when the Post was presumably supporting a different candidate for the Democratic nomination.

Breitbart reports:

Last week, the Washington Post excised a segment from one of its profiles of Vice President Kamala Harris originally published 18 months ago. Reason described the deletion as an attempt to “memory-hole Kamala Harris’s bad joke about inmates begging for food and water.”

The Washington Post removed the entire anecdote in an edited version of its Harris profile published last week. Reason described the original profile’s introduction as “a memorable anecdote in which Harris bizarrely compared the rigors of the campaign trail to…life behind bars. And then proceeded to laugh—at the idea of an inmate begging for a sip of water.”

Reason described the deleted anecdote as revelatory of Harris’s baseness: “The Post profile provided a mask-slipping moment that seemed to perfectly capture a warped sense of justice and lack of basic human dignity—all in just a few hundred words.”

It’s almost like the old Soviet-style of media – something that was said a few months before is now declared “contrary to the interests of the party,” and memory-holed. People are erased from photos, articles are deleted, and all the while, the media pretends to value “truth.”

News flash – the media is lying to you 24 hours a day. And yes, Kamala Harris deserves criticism, not just for her awkward and inappropriate moments, but also for her shameful record as an attorney-general and senator. You won’t hear that in the mainstream media, which is why you can read it here. It’s going to be a long four years, but we’ll cover these issues every day.

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  2. Biden and Harris have proved they cannot be trusted. They are fighting against the American people. They are evil, deceptive, manipulative liars. Don’t trust them.

  3. WOW over 90 comments to get here. 🙂 One thing to always remember about democrats is that they are made of Teflon and nothing sticks to them. They break the law and go about their ways. It’s sickening I know. Buckle up your seat belts things are going to get pretty wild.

  4. “It’s almost like the old Soviet-style of media”

    It’s EXACTLY like the “old Soviet-style of media!” The media has become little more than the Pravda-style propaganda outlet of the Demmunist Party, which looks and sounds more like “the old Soviet-style” of government every day!

  5. life is funny . The not fraud people who stuffed the ballot boxes , are going to get Fu???? just like the rest of us .


  7. You are right lawdog13.
    Yes, Mr. Brown was one of many.
    To get this far she spent lots of time on her back and her knees.
    She must be good. I wander if pervert, hair sniffing, demented Joe china
    elected her for her political views or personal talents?
    Of course her teeth are so white, rinsing her mouth contently with ammonia for so many years will do it.
    Look it up.

  8. Months ago I saw a clip with her husband dancing around and saying, my wife is gonna be President, my wife is gonna be President……

    Really scary…..❤️🇺🇸😢

    1. I’m not sure how we can do that while they are using the Dominion voting machines. What a mess! This will keep the communist democrats in power forever, or until a revolution finally takes place. And all those judges, including Roberts, should be removed from their appointments because they failed to address the fraudulent election! I’m fed up with the whole bunch of them.

  9. We have seen a new president elected though the most extreme fraud in history.
    He is 78 years old, senile, weak and already owned by China, Russia and Iran.
    What could possibly go wrong ?

  10. If something isn’t done to stop the “ clown act” going on in our government right now, we are doomed as a nation! Our country will be bankrupt in less than a month. All the jobs lost already will take a huge toll, and with all the illegals flooding in taking our jobs, our businesses will collapse under the load of higher taxes, higher fuel prices, higher food prices, higher medical costs etc. we all must contact our congressmen and senators, demand that they impeach Biden and Harris and stop this insurgency against us!

  11. On Biden’s first day Americans lost 50 thousand jobs. Just wait till he opens the floodgates of the border just to make
    the hit squad in the House happy. Most of the people that will be trying to get their jobs back after the pandemic are going to find out they lost their job to someone that can barely speak English. The damage Biden and Harris are going to do will take decades to fix. I don’t have a lot of time before I reach the end of my journey in life but I am worried about my Grandkids, Our Government is going to turn them into robots or slaves. I hope we can stop them before that happens. I’m not going to stick my head in the sand. I hope President Trump starts the Party of Patriots.

  12. The requirements are to broad. The candidates should have empathy, take a survival course like in the military. Their leadership skills are pathetic. They should be brought before a board, not by fellow democrats. The public gets to ask questions. None of this money based elections. Their eyes are so caught up in money. They do not understand the word no. Everything has been yes for so long. Got media, Hollywood, Big Tech. These bases should not be allowed to decide election. The people then get screwed.

  13. I hope the Media….IF, there is any good news organizations left out there will find EVERY piece of dirt and illegal things that Harris & Biden have done over the years and put them away….And not let those PATHETIC two keep trying to run this country…. We need better – we Deserve Better.!!!

    1. DEFINITELY!!! Saw a clip where he went in the WH with his family and seeing his corrupt son Hunter walking in, made me sick to my stomach. I hope they get both of them out soon.

    2. Elaine,
      You are correct …. President of a defunct corporation as of March 4 and moving ahead into the Republic where, if all is as planned, said, Lin Wood referred to this categorically, when he said, “second revolution,” Trump will be the 19th President of the Republic…last one we had in that context was Ulysses Grant….while here, do you know that Lee was offered the commander for the North and refused? Yep, he and Grant were friends of sorts but Lee felt he was closer to the principles of the South and their beliefs, way of life, etc.

    1. I think this is a very smart and caring bunch that are posting here; thanks from an old lady that has seen the unraveling of our country for like 67 years when she told her mom, “we will be communistic if we do not change things before I die mom.” Mom about fell off her stool; we are Native Americans, she from a powerful tribe of Ogalla Sioux/Lakota and father from a clan of the Crows out of MO. Geez! I cannot even spell right today! 🙁

  14. The Progressives established the protocol with the Mueller investigation. Why would they not expect the Republicans to follow their example? Certainly, there are significant differences: Notably, the Democrat ethics code applies only to non-Democrats; the Republicans won’t get away with manufacturing false evidence to convict Biden. But then, they won’t have to – Biden’s already manufactured all the necessary evidence himself. With a little help from his son.

  15. She is just as disgusting as the prevaricating plagiarizing senile dementia suffering old man who seemingly became the president of the USA , those who voted for them hopefully will suffer as much as those who recognized the fact that neither one of them was or is fit to hold political office let alone the ones it appears they have !!

    1. New Mexico is suffering because of the pipeline..I do not support it because of what happened to the water of the reservation; however, the Army Corps of Engineers are said to have changed that course … so of course I will. They voted 54-53 in the election for the slimebags that are sitting there now in a defunct USA corporation that has been nullified as of March 4…let us pray the Republic does come to fruition…FED RESERVE will be gone…that is the Rothchilds and others.


  17. Of course, the whole msm could change their name to Pravda !!!
    What’s next ? Opponents to be put in “re-education camps “ after being labeled “ enemy of the state”

    1. There was an article in the SF papers about how she used Willie Brown and so did Palosi the both slept around to gain power!

    2. 🙂 and Pelosi is from a mafia family…her dad was the head honcho. I don’t have the info any longer but if we all look to Duck Duck Go or another, we may be able to find it…it seems the whole family are criminals and she is nuttier than a fruit cake..look at those painted on brows and contact cement filling in the wrinkles then she applies 1/16 inch of makeup.

  18. Harris is terrible for America, she isn’t a leader, she follows anyone with with enough power or money to push her ego and limited sense of self. She should be impeached along with that traitor biden.

    1. Ms Deb…………..you pushed some buttons there that I just cannot resist commenting on. Seeing that Kumilla…..(mmmm…am I spelling that correctly..? Geeeezee…..how do I know…!), with her past questionable involvement with the famous Willie Brown….and “going down” that path….who is to say that she will be checking out a lot of empty rooms in the White House and have them furnished with beds of convenience. You know….those “afternoon delight” times for a little rest and recreation……omg….there I go again……it is suppose to be “rest and relaxation.” Geeeezee…..I should get a ruler whacked on my knuckles it seems……Oh…I am just an…”ole country boy” just saye’n…….

    1. She’s worse than that! I used to think Matt Damon was a smart man until a few months ago, before the election, I saw a TV clip where he said Kamala would be a great president and he hope she made it. I wonder why he said it but for sure he’s not that smart AT ALL. Damon is just another liberal who doesn’t care what happens to normal people like us because he lives like a king. I hope people who made him rich stop watching his stupid movies… I know I will.

    2. This is what the wrong kind of “knee” power that we get to be a role model for our youth, a liar and a whore…. the right knee power gets us mmmm…goodness


          1. I live in Washington state. We will not go to Seattle. This has become a wacky state and if you’re a conservative, middle of the road, keep your mouth zipped and carry a big stick.

      2. Haha….Joe and the Ho…..are not in the presidency for much if any service to the…”We The People”…but more to position themselves for wealth plus all their swampy buds are all there and doing the same thing. Each swamp creature all feed off each other, and insure the money continues to flow among them. I have said for years that…..there is simply way too much money flowing into and out of Washington DC, for those with no scruples to begin with, to keep the temptation at bay for dipping into the tax-payers money. I still cannot be convinced that Obama did not somehow create an underground (money stream) for himself, and his husband, either from the ACA or some payments of sorts under the table from Tehran. He was just too much a…”third-world character”…to not do that sort of thing.


          1. Possible: Yes looking at Obama’s history and background. We all repeat what we’ve learned.
            Plausible: Obama’s inner-core, his scruples map, his personal constitution, and penchant for slight of hand.
            Summation: There is somewhat of an Idi Amin complex. Perhaps not as violent per se, but more from a magician and under-the-table
            magic. And….yes you are right Billy….I read that article as well. $400m (big ones) will go a long way to undermine what-
            ever he deems to stand in his way of subversion activities.

          2. Well known fact that hussein got 40 million from the bankers and an undisclosed amount from the automakers for their bailouts$$$

          3. I did not hear this but what I did hear from my resources is: they took this money, put it in one of the adopted girl’s names and it was/is at the Vatican..I am hearing we are only seeing the POPE via hologram…cannot prove but it would be super if so…there is like zillions, is that a word 🙂 of gold stored below the Vatican itself and is being moved out to safe keeping … I expect it will be returned to whomever(s) it was taken from…maybe our money from Fort Knox that is said to be empty of nearly so.

        2. Keep your faith in President Trump ! There is a reason the Democrats are so worried and it’s a very serious reason ! Keep your hat on

          1. Well, our dollar is not worth a cent…Joey boy and his immigration 1.9 trillion dollars but then we should feel good about that because that includes health care for all and the best…oh yeah, right…

      3. You hit the nail on the head another half breed like Obama that leans towards her blackish to get ahead

        1. “………………all of that for a damn flag..??” One is either a patriot or not. Patriotism is not something that you decide to wake up one morning and start… “appreciating your country for first time in your life…” Cannot call up a convenient personal constitution at will to suit a particular situation. This is my referral to….”3rd world”….persona that Obama and his husband seems to lean on. Sorry folks…..it is not and has nothing to do with….”white-privilege”….we whities’ are more sensitive and intolerant to such aborant nonsense that the Obama’s (and many on the left) project. Sorry to burst your bubble…”lefties”…but we see straight thru you all….!!

          1. It still is, but we have not done it for years; disrespecting the flag in any way is a punishable crime…monetarily and jail; perhaps some of what went wrong in the STATES is the fact that we write new laws that we have old laws for but do not enforce?

    1. Presenting the facts about someone is NOT in any way shape or form “pointing the finger”. Making up lies or slurs about someone ..such as the Russian hoax..to deliberately and dishonestly harm someone is entirely different and despicable. And NOT reporting the truth is the same as lying, hypocritical to say the least and, if in court, perjury.

    2. Tell that to the entire democratic party for their treatment of President Trump over the last five years. Above all else, don’t try and go high and mighty for this duo of duds.

      1. Absolutely. The weakest president ever and the goofiest (not politician, AOC has that dubious honor) vice president ever. And from the starting pistol, off to a reeeeally bad start. God help us all.

      2. Michele, maybe only two years if we can flip the house and senate conservative. A conservative senate and house will stop Sleepy Joe from implementing his radical, progressive agenda any further. Vote conservative 2022 to save America from the radical, progressive who are trying to destroy this exceptional nation: AMERICA.

        1. Les, you got to remember now that they have the best plan to steal elections than anybody has ever done before they prove that this election so you know if they see there in trouble in 2022 they’ll probably implement the same plan they had here at 2021 so I’m going to try I’m going to keep my faith in Trump and hopefully he can help get all these conservatives elected to the House and Senate to where we can flip it we got to keep that we got to keep that faith thanks for letting me reply last appreciate it hang in there.

    3. Hummmm…….don’t really feel we are as you say…”berating anyone”…as much as simply stating facts. And how does that saying go….”all is fair in love and war.” In this case deep thinking people have over the years developed somewhat a keen sense of and intolerance of pure nonsense and are literally at war in dealing with such low IQ’s out there. (hahaha…….so many low IQ’s voting for yet more low IQ’s…..what does that get us..?) Seems these days after the election….I find myself having to shower much more than in the past. It finally dawned on me that brushing shoulders with liberals does cause one to feel a bit queezy so I have to go take a long hot shower for restoration of my inner self. I am self-quarantined from liberals more than the Covid virus thing really.

      1. I knew a few liberals…they all abandoned me after they realized I was a Trump supporter and all I can say is well…thanks. Seriously, if I knew that it was that easy to get rid of the trash in ones life I would have supported him a looooong time ago!

    4. Harris is no more than a washed up high end hooker who abused her power as a DA and even that job was way over her head!

    5. Lets not forget how Cameltoe got her start in politics by sleeping her way to the top with a married man! Ever hear the name Willy Brown? Hypocrite.

    6. 🙂 thank you; while here…this is just a suggestion…2019, June, maybe July, our country was signed back into the Republic…so, if that is true, all that sleazy Joe is doing is totally illegal, leading to treason which he already has committed, which means, if, when, he will stand before a military tribunal and then be shot…sorry…off course! March 4th, when/if this comes to fruition DJT will be back as President but not of the defunct USA a corporation…somewhere there is info on the Vatican and its part in turning us into a Corporation and also keeping us under the rule of England/Queen…
      From an “insider, ” I hear they are just letting him run wild until then and ….. it is anybody’s guess what will happen but I put my faith that the Lord will be judging him when that time comes but he won’t be here for us to put up with.
      I think this is what Lin Wood meant when he alluded to we are seeing a second revolution in the STATES.

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