Elon Musk warns that Twitter acquisition isn’t guaranteed, cites bot problem

Tesla billionaire and free speech defender Elon Musk shocked the world when he announced that he would work to acquire Twitter, the “de facto town square” that, for years, has censored and banned those with viewpoints that oppose the leading liberal progressive narratives.

But on Friday, Musk generated a new round of breaking headlines after he revealed on Twitter that the deal was now on “hold,” citing a situation brewing with a public filing by the company that indicated “bot” users represented less than 5% of its user base. Musk, and many others, believe that number could be significantly higher, apparently.

The tweet was an admitted disappointment for millions of Musk’s fans, and those who were under the impression that upon acquiring the platform, it would soon truly become an online platform of legitimate free speech, where conservatives would no longer have to worry about being “shadow-banned.”

Leave it to Musk to let the news simmer for a few hours before dropping yet another jaw-dropping update to the news, in which he reassured those who are worried he might walk away that he’s still “committed” to the deal.

“Twitter said in the filing it faced several risks until the deal with Musk is closed, such as whether advertisers would continue to spend on Twitter and ‘potential uncertainty regarding our future plans and strategy,'” Reuters reported, referencing the company’s public filing earlier in the week.

Many now speculate that Musk, being the business genius that he obviously is, is playing his next hand to lower the price for which he’ll pay to acquire the social media giant. The original accepted offer was $44 billion.

Only time will tell what happens with the deal, but Musk is a Donald Trump-level businessman, and only entertains deals that make sense.