Elon Musk cryptically jokes of possible demise ‘under mysterious circumstances’

The social media sphere has been buzzing this week after Tesla CEO Elon Musk – who is also slated to take the helm at Twitter – authored a cryptic post hinting of the possibility that his life could end “under mysterious circumstances,” leaving some to even speculate about a potential assassination attempt, as Fox News reports.

On Sunday night, Musk addressed the more than 90 million followers he has amassed on the platform he just recently acquired, saying, “If I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowin ya.”

The strange message understandably elicited concern from the billionaire entrepreneur’s mother, Maye Musk, who replied, “That’s not funny,” but it also led to rampant speculation among fellow social media users as to what may have sparked the declaration in the first place.

As Fox News noted, some who weighed in on the situation hypothesized that Musk could be in harm’s way due to inside information he might have on high-profile political figures.

“Do you have dirt on the Clintons?” asked digital strategist Greg Price, while comedian Tim Young wondered, “Wait… what do you know about Hillary Clinton,” seeming to suggest that Musk might meet the same fate as Clinton-linked pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, whose death many believe was not, as media outlets reported at the time, the result of suicide.

It was also pointed out by some that Musk’s tweet bore something of a resemblance to one posted by late anti-virus computer programmer John McAfee in which he stated that he had no plans to commit suicide, despite being jailed in Spain on tax charges, but was ultimately found dead in his cell.

As thought-provoking as those potential explanations are, however, it appears that the most likely explanation behind Musk’s message centers on Russian discontent over assistance he has provided in Ukraine amid the ongoing conflict between the two nations, according to Fox News.

Musk himself posted a translation of a message from former Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin in which he blasted the tech mogul’s satellite company, Starlink, from helping Ukranians access the Internet as the war continues to rage. “[f]or this, Elon, you will be held accountable like an adult – no matter how much [you] play the fool.”

To the certain relief of all those eagerly awaiting Musk’s promised free speech reformation of Twitter in the coming months, the mercurial businessman promptly and humorously assured his mother – and by extension, his legions of fans and followers – that he “will do [his] best to stay alive.”