Election security watchdog: Georgia counties unable to produce ballot drop-box security videos

A Georgia-based election watchdog alleged Monday that over a hundred counties in the state couldn’t produce security video from ballot drop boxes the 2020 election.

The announcement comes amid controversy regarding whether or not the drop boxes were used to illegally harvested and deposited ballots, as suggested by a new documentary from conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza.

VoterGA — a nonprofit which “advocate(s) for independently verifiable, auditable, recount-capable and transparent elections” — announced their findings in a media release.

The organization said “their drop box video survey team determined that 102 Georgia counties were unable to produce drop box surveillance videos from the November 2020 election. The team obtained admissions from 72 counties that all of the videos intended to monitor drop boxes for ballot trafficking were destroyed.

“VoterGA volunteers made the determinations by submitting Open Records Requests (ORR) for the videos from each county. Thus, video monitoring is missing for 181,507 cast ballots.”

President Joe Biden won the state over Donald Trump by less than 12,000 votes, although Trump contested his loss there.

This isn’t the first time VoterGA has questioned the integrity of Georgia’s processes during the 2020 election, either.

“At a November 9, 2021 press conference, VoterGA announced that their ballot image analysis team determined at least 70 Georgia counties were unable to produce all the original ballot images from the November 2020 election,” the media release noted. Digital ballot images should be automatically created by the state’s results tabulation system.

In 56 of those 70 counties, VoterGA alleged, “most or all of” the ballot images couldn’t be produced, with 1.7 million images destroyed.

““We have proven that surveillance video for 181,000 drop box ballots have been destroyed, 107,000 drop box ballots have improper chain of custody and an even greater number of custody forms are estimated to be missing,” said VoterGA co-founder Garland Favorito.

With over 1.7 million original ballot images also destroyed, the actual election ballots must be preserved and unsealed to verify election results and detect counterfeits in the still highly controversial 2020 election. An election is not legitimate when votes are counted in secret.

“We must have full transparency into the 2020 election to ensure that the 2022 elections will be legitimate.”

The Monday announcement comes on the heels of D’Souza’s controversial documentary “2000 Mules,” which alleges that cell-phone geolocation data suggests so-called ballot mules illegally delivered absentee ballots from liberal non-profits to ballot drop-boxes in contravention of Georgia law.

Georgia is also home to two of the nation’s most-watched 2022 midterm races.

In the gubernatorial election, GOP Gov. Brian Kemp will again face activist Stacey Abrams, who refused to properly concede the 2018 race and has claimed the process was rigged against her.

Meanwhile, Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock — who won a 2020 special election — will face Trump-backed University of Georgia football legend Herschel Walker as he battles to win a full six-year term in the upper chamber of Congress.