El Salvador just removed and replaced it’s top Supreme Court judges

Every one of the 5 top Supreme Court justices in El Salvador was fired and replaced on Saturday, according to a report by Breitbart News.

The Central American country removed the high ranking officials after their legislative assembly voted to dismiss the justices with a majority vote dominated by those  loyal to El Salvador’s president, Nayib Bukele

The country’s Supreme Court is made up of 15-members in all, with it’s constitutional chamber considered the most powerful and one of the last things holding Bukele back from complete authority.

“The motion to remove the judges passed with 64 votes in favor, or nearly 80 percent of the 84-seat legislature,” Reuters reported. All votes came from President Bukele’s populist ruling party, Nuevas Ideas (“New Ideas”), according to the Argentine news site Infobae.

Just one day after the shocking decision, El Salvador’s congress made another vote to remove the nation’s top prosecutor, Attorney General Raul Melara, citing the allegation that he had ties to the Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA), which is a conservative opposition party.

“The unprecedented congressional vote came on the first day that lawmakers from Bukele’s New Ideas party took firm control of Congress after midterm elections in February gave the party a more than two-thirds supermajority in the unicameral legislature,” Reuters noted on May 1.

“And the Salvadoran people, through their representatives, said FIRED,” Bukele wrote in a Twitter statement on May 1, emphasizing the sentiment with applause emojis.

These changes are not something that the United States considers to be wise ones. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed “grave concern” about the decisions on Sunday:

“[A]n independent judiciary is essential to democratic governance,” Blinken noted in his call, according to an official readout. “He expressed equal concern regarding the removal of Attorney General Raul Melara, who is fighting corruption and impunity and is an effective partner of efforts to combat crime in both the United States and El Salvador.”

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  1. Hidden BIBLE message? There’s nothing hidden there. People just have to read it and try to understand what thing say. Jesus said to his disciples “I send you to a stiff necked people (stubborn and hard headed) with ears that cannot hear (the truth), eyes that cannot see (the truth), and hearts that comprehend (the truth) lest they be converted and healed (saved). How hard is that?

  2. El Salvador seems like the incipient US. Sad. This is the end of the world’s greatest experiment in individual human rights, stolen by Democrat election manipulation.

  3. That is absolutely correct. Very Ugly and definitely not called for. But now we can in earnest expect even more people to leave El Salvadore and venture here to the US. The good bad and ugly ones. Meaning good people running from this BS in their respective country and the bad ones wanting to have the US give them a refuge for their bad acts. We need to close our borders and do it now.

    1. they will be running from that country just to run right into the same thing in this country!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hopefully you don’t live in the USA. However, if you do, I would suggest you take your anti-semetic comments to another country; perhaps one that is Islamic or very Christian. Perhaps you would love Germany. Hitler would have loved you,

      1. El Salvador = banana republic and totalitarianism. Yes more of their citizens will flee. Guess where they are coming…..but they will discover as many of us have already suspected that the good old USA is next on the hit list for tyrannical rule. Old sleepy Joe is hastening this along. Soon we won’t have any freedoms, just like El Salvador. If your want to turn this leftist progressive march around:

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