Donna Brazile announces exit from Fox News days after Juan Williams leaves ‘The Five’

Earlier in the week, fans of Fox News’ highly-rated afternoon show, “The Five,” were informed that the show’s only liberal commentator, Juan Williams, would no longer be a part of the panel. He announced his return to Fox News studios in Washington D.C. where he’ll remain as a contributor.

A few days later, Fox News viewers received another surprise concerning one of the few remaining liberal commentators at the network when it was announced that Donna Brazile, who has worked at the network since 2019, will leave Fox and return back to ABC, according to Mediaite

Current reporting doesn’t seem to indicate that the exit of the network’s two most prominent liberal commentators is in any way connected, as Brazile went on record of saying that her contract expired and while Fox offered to renew it, she chose to make the jump back to ABC, where she worked before her Fox News gig.

“My contract expired in March and they extended it for a few more years,” Brazile said in a statement. “Ultimately, I decided to return back to ABC. Great experience for me.”

However, while Williams cited COVID-19 and the show’s return to its New York studios as his primary reason for jumping ship, a number of media outlets — Vanity Fair being one — believe there’s much more concerning Williams’ true reason as to why made the surprise move.

The outlet speculated that based on information from former Fox News insiders, co-host Greg Gutfeld might have played a role in essentially forcing Williams off the show. The two butted heads regularly, with many of their debates seemingly becoming deeply personal at times.

Gutfeld reportedly exerted his influence to force the show to return to its normal operations in its New York studio — a move that Williams apparently wasn’t especially fond of, with yet another network insider reportedly saying that the two hosts’ “on-air brawls [were] turning personal.”

“[When] you have multiple narcissists on a show, this is the type of s— that goes on,” a current Fox News employee reportedly said.

Again, while the shake-up of Williams and Brazile isn’t connected, at least officially, it will certainly raise questions for many as to why the two highest-profile liberals on the network decided to move on within a time period of only a few days.