Donna Brazile announces exit from Fox News days after Juan Williams leaves ‘The Five’

Earlier in the week, fans of Fox News’ highly-rated afternoon show, “The Five,” were informed that the show’s only liberal commentator, Juan Williams, would no longer be a part of the panel. He announced his return to Fox News studios in Washington D.C. where he’ll remain as a contributor.

A few days later, Fox News viewers received another surprise concerning one of the few remaining liberal commentators at the network when it was announced that Donna Brazile, who has worked at the network since 2019, will leave Fox and return back to ABC, according to Mediaite

Current reporting doesn’t seem to indicate that the exit of the network’s two most prominent liberal commentators is in any way connected, as Brazile went on record of saying that her contract expired and while Fox offered to renew it, she chose to make the jump back to ABC, where she worked before her Fox News gig.

“My contract expired in March and they extended it for a few more years,” Brazile said in a statement. “Ultimately, I decided to return back to ABC. Great experience for me.”

However, while Williams cited COVID-19 and the show’s return to its New York studios as his primary reason for jumping ship, a number of media outlets — Vanity Fair being one — believe there’s much more concerning Williams’ true reason as to why made the surprise move.

The outlet speculated that based on information from former Fox News insiders, co-host Greg Gutfeld might have played a role in essentially forcing Williams off the show. The two butted heads regularly, with many of their debates seemingly becoming deeply personal at times.

Gutfeld reportedly exerted his influence to force the show to return to its normal operations in its New York studio — a move that Williams apparently wasn’t especially fond of, with yet another network insider reportedly saying that the two hosts’ “on-air brawls [were] turning personal.”

“[When] you have multiple narcissists on a show, this is the type of s— that goes on,” a current Fox News employee reportedly said.

Again, while the shake-up of Williams and Brazile isn’t connected, at least officially, it will certainly raise questions for many as to why the two highest-profile liberals on the network decided to move on within a time period of only a few days.

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  2. Liberals all stick together and have been promised something besides money. They all talk the same talk and walk the same walk. The real reason why the Dems can’t get along with each other, just as Pelosi and Schumer, but then they will blame DJT.

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  4. They aren’t stars and are more like falling ones. Both haven’t added anything to fox but hate and racism. I quit watching them years ago

  5. I stopped watching fox after election night. I couldn’t imagine a truth coming from anyone there, after that.

    1. Trish, Keep the faith. The Republicans are our last hope. They are human and get it wrong sometimes, but are trying real hard to help. The Dems are turning our Country into something we will all hate if they keep going. Please do not turn off Fox News or Fox Nation. I really like fox nation. This is from someone who really cares about our country and served in the Air Force as one of the ways to try and help. Take Care, Bob 🙂

  6. I don’t enjoy having such liberal trash spewing their BS on Fox shows. If I wanted to listen to such lies and BS, I would still be watching CNN and ABC News, which I no longer do. Now, they need to get rid of the likes of Chris Wallace and a few other liberal leaning PsOS hosting and contributing to their programs.

  7. Donna Brazile and Juan Williams will be difficult to replace. Where can you find two such incompetent liberal punching bags?

      1. Juan Williams is an idiot, and Brazile is just totally incompetent. I am extremely pleased that FOX has gotten rid of them.

        There are a lot of Black scholars, business people that are not idiots or incompetent. Choose one of them.

        Yolanda MartinezWeis

  8. I have enjoyed both as part of a varied program, the word ‘star’ does not apply to many Fox contributors, they just add their opinons to the group discussion, a reason I like Fox. However, having a turnover now and then of contributors adds to the interest of a show. On to the future.

    1. Wonderful Juan needs to be gone also! If your so interested in what the Leftist Swine says turn on CNN!

  9. Linda in MA is right. Brazile is a racist bigot. So is Juan. Neither is/was a star. they’re both liars and deniers. I would curse the TV when they offered their answers to questions on The Five and any other program they were on. Good riddance and I’m glad my blood pressure can get back to normal.

  10. that’s what I was going to say….since when was Brazile a TOP star??? Glad to see those 2 gone…maybe I’ll start watching some again!

  11. Good bye & good riddance, Brazile. Doesn’t matter one wit why you’re leaving, just go away. And on your way out the door take the pompous, always arrogant, left-wing Trump hater, Chris Wallace, with you. Every time I heard Brazile was to be on the next segment, I changed the channel. She’s a pathological serial liar & a bigot.

  12. These two are far from “stars” more like clowns that always pushes the “left’s” stupidity.

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