Donald Trump issues a final message for the American people

President Trump has been a historic success in so many ways. He reinvigorated American industry, brought troops home from foreign wars, defended the American taxpayer, spearheaded a historic push for a coronavirus vaccine, and driven the media insane with rage and hatred.

Now, his presidency is nearing its end, and for the first time, Trump has committed to a peaceful transfer of power. He’ll be leaving the White House on January 20th.

No one, including Trump himself, expected what happened at the Capitol Building this week. As reported by Brietbart he said:

“The demonstrators who infiltrated the capitol have defiled the seat of American democracy,” Trump said. “To those who engage in the acts of violence and destruction, you do not represent our country, and to those who broke the law, you will pay.”

Trump said that he was “outraged” by the lawlessness he witnessed, and he deployed the national guard “immediately” to help defend the building, despite reporting that he first resisted the idea.

“America is and must always be a nation of law and order,” Trump said, adding that although “emotions are high” after the election, “tempers must be cooled.”

These are words that make me proud to be a Trump supporter, and furious with the idiots and extremists that attacked our Capitol and ruined Trump’s last chance at a fair hearing. I’m also furious at the left and the media that refused to condemn far worse acts this summer during the Antifa riots.

It’s hard to be a conservative right now. It’s easy to feel discouraged and downhearted now that the finality of defeat is sinking in. But this defeat is a defeat in one battle only – the larger struggle is ongoing.

We may have a long two years ahead of us, but the path to making America great again starts here. Midterms will be here before we know it, and we’ll have plenty of chances to wipe the smirk off Pelosi’s face in a landslide red wave in 2022.

The Democrats are their own worst enemy. We saw the American people humble them in congressional races in 2020. We’ll see them completely humiliated in 2022 and 2024.

The movement Trump started will only get stronger in defeat, as a feckless Biden stumbles his way across the national stage. And should he make it to 2024, he’ll face a candidate of the people. It won’t be easy, but now is the time to begin winning again.

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  1. With the democrap party now in charge of the government our country just became the arm of the chinese communist party. Our Constitution is being ripped apart by these cretins. We may never recover even a portion of our Constitutional Republic. Corruption is so over-whelming that our justice system is to the point of non-existence. Our borders will not exist. We will soon be supporting mexico and south america new voters by the millions. What you once had will belong to them. Millennial’s wanting all things free will soon realize there is nothing free in this life. This nation will become a third world country, like venzuela. The left played hard ball with no mercy while conservative and the like played soft ball by the rules. What did that get us? Biden and his morons who claimed the vaccine was not available because of President Trump will suddenly be there under the left government. In less than a year, President Trump had a vaccine ready many years ahead of the fauchi and who! Yet, the world will now benefit from what Trump accomplished and will get no recognition for it. You will see 100’s billions go the states that antifa and the blm destroyed under democrapic control. you will see the military torn down to the bare bones and could not defend us. Weclome to the communist states of amerika!

    1. Well sir you hit the nail on the head! Our once great nation is already a leftist shambles.
      RIP America
      GOD help us all…..

    2. Repeatedly, my post is being cancelled and I’m only saying that I fully agree with you, James !
      And that we should say goodbye to our country as we know it !!
      That’s all !!!
      This is my 3rd post !!!

    3. James,

      At 77 I sit here and cry. I cry for our One Nation Under God and cringe at the lack of support for our nation from churches and pastors. I cry because I remember Venezuela in her younger years, I cry for the people whom have and do suffer now. Finally, I cry for our youth whom will never known the freedoms and. Liberty that I have known . Their lives will be brutal, cruel, diminished as a human being. Abortion will become genocide again. Our Constitution gone as Harris re-writes it ..a TriFecta…they have total control now..never another election…we saw what they will be as they were this year…..fraud … corruption…lies…
      Trump had a choice to turn this around…Flynn and Mcinerney told him he should use his own legislation to stay in power until the abhorrent states got things right….he walked away from us..Wood and Powell walked with him….and filthy judges he appointed trampled on him like a wounded beast and left him to die.

      1. Your statement is very true as I am 82 years old and we have known the past but we also understand that the country is fading in its greatness that we remember. Our nation was made by god loving men. Hopefully god will save us from the devil’s that wish to ruin our country.

    4. Amen!
      This Republic was crated by God for his people and sometime ago we forgot our first love. We threw God out with the bath water.
      President Donald J. Trump was put in power to, open our eyes, and save our Republic but now evil has the upper hand. Now there is hell to be pay as our God is a jealous God and we have abandon God’s ways.
      May God have mercy on us.

    5. “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” This, to me James, is one of the most important documents in the history of the entire world. For over 200 years it has guided our government in America and it has been used as a model for government many places around the world. Why, oh why, do these confounded confused Democrats want to rid our Republic of this wonderful document? Is it be because of greed for power and money?
      “The glory of justice and the majesty of law are created not just by the Constitution – nor by the courts – nor by the officers of the law – nor by the lawyers – but by the men and women who constitute our society – who are the protectors of the law as they are themselves protected by the law.” –
      Robert F. Kennedy

    6. God put Donald Trump in office the first time and He is not through yet! Pray big and don’t lose hope. Speak words of encouragement to others! Believe in miracles for God is a God of miracles! We need a Spiritual Revival in this country! You be one of them!

      1. Absolutely! Don’t lose faith now! We are at the winning line, about to cross it in Victory. God has not quit Donald Trump & we must not either. When God starts a war He intends to win it & I don’t know of a single one that He has ever lost! BELIEVE PATRIOTS. STAND FAST IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY! OUR FOREFATHERS DIDN’T CUT & RUN, NOR SHALL WE.

    7. For those of us that are Patriots, and fought for this country, maybe me should start another civil war. There was nothing that the President said on Wednesday incied any violence. Let’s defend BLM and Antifa.

    8. Yes, James, you are right! How sad for those of us who still regard truth and justice and fair play as values to be respected. We are only seeing the top of the iceberg. Twitter and FB have already shut down President Trump indefinitely. The loss of free speech will become more common in the general public as the Marxist owners of tech monoliths become mired in Communist ideology. Thanks, Comrades Biden and Harris! Be careful, for what you wished for may become your worst nightmare as you work to destroy freedoms forth which our Founding Fathers fought and died.

    9. Don’t give up on Trump. He has done everything he has promised other than draining the swamp. I think he will get that done yet.

    10. I like what you said. I am however fearful of the coming years. Our corrupt congress now has a corrupt presidency to aid in their destructive agenda. As always, God help us as we pray.


    1. This breaks my heart even thou I want him to win I did not want this to ever happen. It is sad we have people that would go to that length to remove a deceit and kind and loving man of the United State and we end up with evil and hate. So sad

    2. I so agree with you god bless our president Donald J Trump and our First Lady may gif kerp you safe from these evil people who will be running running our country god help us .

    3. There are millions of us who feel the same way Karen. We were all honored to have President Donald J. Trump as our POTUS and Melania as our FLOTUS. They made us proud to be Americans. President Trump always put America and Americans first unlike many others before him. I pray
      God will watch over President Trump and his family, America and all Americans.

    4. My sentiments exactly. You and your family are blessed by God. I’m never giving up faith that you will be our POTUS and wonderful First Lady again. God is Good. He is in control. We must keep our prayers and faith going forever. Thank you for your service. You are an amazing president and know between God and you, we will survive this!!!

  3. I believe the only thing we could possibly do now is get the COS done and for those in our govt who are still conservative, if they exist, to keep a very close eye on the operations at all times. To be truthful, I believe our country is lost for good

    1. I’m afraid we will never have a fair election again. Which puts in question our ability to take back the senate and Congress in 2022. We must still vote but it may be futile

      1. Yes, Sherry, a lot of us feel the same way !
        It looks like there will be no need for any future elections because Pelosi is already working on setting new rules for voting and I doubted that the Republicans will ever have any saying on this …

  4. Well, we must recover from the violent response of loyalists of Donald Trump and forge the next response to those who care not for correctness in the words of the Constitution. Ours is a wonderfully developed Democracy and we must return to those principles that our forefathers put to the heat of the forge and developed what can exist if we truly love our Country. We must put down the few who have taken over our Republic and return to the tenets of our Constitution.

    God save our country for the hands of those recently elected!

  5. People know it was President Trump who was able to get this vaccine. We also know all the great things he was able to accomplish. The Dems are in now but they won’t be forever. God bless President Trump and God help the rest of this Country.

  6. The whole thing, the breaking in to the Capitol building by Antifa, who were followed by peaceful MAGA demonstrators, was carefully planned and orchestrated by Democrats, Antifa, George Soros, and all their other evil allies. (There is much evidence: much photo and film footage, Chuck Schumer making a totally fake and rehearsed long speech after they returned to cast their votes, etc.) The whole purpose was to scare the Republican Representatives and Senators to not to oppose the fraudulent election results, to make all Trump supporters look bad, and to accuse and to demonize President Trump so as to make even some of his closest allies turn against him, Fakebook, Twitter and Instagram blocking people from seeing his speech in which he was calling people to be peaceful and go home, and now, if possible to remove him from office even before the 20th of January 2020. That is how diabolical they are, and that is how afraid they are of him.

  7. Establish the other Party to fight for the people, patriot and American. All make by American, not any other country, No Fake, No mainstream media, no leftist news, any Company sides with Communist would be eliminated from this country. etc…
    The Weak, Flipflop, Swamp GOP cannot stand for People, Patriot, and country! (Start with 130 who really fight for the country on 1/6, who really want to object the EC.)
    Please think about this!

  8. President Trump’s accomplishments in 4 yrs.
    Largest tax cuts to benefit all who pay taxes. Cut regulations which made licensing any projects i.e., building from 10 years to get a license down to 2. School choice for children living in poverty areas. renegotiated trade deals changing the NAFTA which drove millions of jobs to other countries. Began negotiating with China (probably what was the cause for sending covid virus around the world.) Worked with public and private sector for a speedy development of a vaccine. Sent out therapeutics to combat covid which saved my brother’s life. He took NO SALARY for being President. Reorganized the military and changed the policies at the VA to speed up medical care for our troops. Gave the military increases in pay. Brought home a substantial amount of troops from being in the middle east for 19 years. Announced that Jerusalem is the legitimate capital of Israel. Began negotiating with the middle east countries and Israel on peace deals. Stopped the Paris climate accords which would have caused our taxpayers to pay foreign countries if they did not meet the standards on climate. Ripped up the Iran nuclear deal which would have allowed Iran to continue creating nuclear weapons by a couple of years ago. Instead sanctioned them heavily which is more effective in dealing with these criminal leaders. and met with Kim Jong Un of North Korea. Also stopped ISIS muderers in their tracks.

  9. Four years without a president will be hard. As long as we can keep comrades biden and harris from causing to much damage we might make it. But they are two idiots that can cause more damage than imaginable. God help and protect us. We know the democratic/communist party won’t.

  10. When you join the armed forces of our country you take a oath to fight for our freedom from both foriegn AND domestic enemies and now I want to know where these men and women are in this national crisis. We need you to step up and save us from all the evil in our public offices including all politicians.

  11. As a 10 year veteran I can honestly say, that if our enemies desired to hit us with an EMP burst, now would be the prime time. The country is so divided that an event of such magnitude would instantly plunge the entire nation into instant anarchy, murder, and mayhem. America would fall without a shot being fired by the enemy.

  12. When the REAL writers who have INTEGRITY will write the history of PRESIDENT TRUMP’S term of office they will write tat he was the best President since Abraham Lincoln. This, because he worked very hard to rescue the Country from the treasonous democrats and the deep swamp of bureaucrats who are controlling the Country without ever receiving a single vote. From the time he announced he was going to run for the Presidency the media and the democrats have been focused 100% on getting him out of office. He had his accomplishments with no help from the democrats and the republican leaders supporting him.
    I plan to get a nice thank you card and send it to him as soon as I know the address to send it to. I think we should start a movement across the Country to do so.
    Also, I think President Trump should start a new part called. The Constitutionalists. So Many Republicans have abandoned President Trump in the last few days and in so doing they have abandoned us. Time for us to abandoned them.

  13. We all should take a good look in the mirror at who allowed this to happen with our indifference. The cowards on the RNC are just as bad as the Dems. I hope that everyone Democrat and a Republican that’s disappointed by our government start a new party. How about the American party. Putting Americans first, lets take care of the elderly and our veterans and become a representative party of all races, black, white, asian, arabic, everyone, equally! Is it too much to ask for people to treat each other as brothers and sisters, mothers and father’s? We’ve got to stop both political parties from keeping us divided. Wake up!!!

  14. Oh James, I wish what you are saying wasn’t true, but your words are so, so true!!! We love America, we love this country & so wanted to have another 4 years of hope!!! Seeing our country grow, seeing everyone’s lives thriving and American’s workings!!! Now after getting all these Republican’s elected, they are all turning on President Trump!! The Republican’s are the worst of the worst when it comes to honor, courage, integrity and not to mention loyalty!!! Absolutely the worst!! It’s so sad to see President Trump treated so horribly!!! We all loved him so much because we knew he was working for all of us, “WE THE PEOPLE”. What a different world we are about to embark on with the Chinese Communist Party of China running the Puppet Show!! XI Jinping vowed in 2017 that he would be the Leader of the “New World Order” looks like with the Democrats, Big Tech, Big Business and Biden will all make sure it happens!! Rather frightening to think about it all isn’t it!!

  15. A foundation built on ” FRAUD – CORRUPTION – DECEPTION – LIES ” can not – will not sustain a successful – positive outcome – History will document the ” TRUTH and REALITY ” – No matter how many statues and monuments are torn down and destroyed – History cannot be eliminated – it really happened !

  16. Horse hockey i intend on resisting every day until I pay back these skum
    bags for cheating 74 million trump voters out of a fair election!

  17. The “terrorists” in the Capitol Building were Antifa. They were let into the Capitol by police. No doubt their orders came from a demonrat, perhaps Pisslossi or Scummer so they could lay the blame on President Trump and have a reason to impeach him. The woman that was shot was innocent, as were the othe Trump supporters who entered the capitol to see what was going on.

  18. Really? You think President Trump did not see all this coming. He is the great maker of the art of the deal and has played all of them. From my sources
    they will be arrested as the 12 laptops that were picked up by the military gives him all the proof he needs of a coup to put them all in jail for treason!
    Sit back folks and watch the show this next week!

  19. The reason the fraud would have never been really proved is because these people have been planning this for years. all evidence gone. It’s like baking a cake, when you start you see all of the ingredients but, one at a time they get mixed in never to be separated again no hard evidence to be seen

  20. The Democrats have lost their minds, or they are controlled by the devil. I think we should put them all in a room and get several exorcists in there to start working on them. They are NOT normal people. Something has taken over rational thinking with them, and we should all be wary of the evil presence around us and our country. We need to pray and ask God to destroy the evil that is destroying them, thus destroying our country. I mourn the loss of the country I have loved all my life. I cannot accept Biden as my president; he has lost all his moral values, as have all the democrats in our country. You would think he and Pelosi would think about this, as they are not far from meeting their Maker. They are both old enough to start worrying about this. I would dread the judgment they are about to face, if they don’t repent. We as a society must change and start following the 10 Commandments of God. Otherwise, we will all surely perish. God is merciful, but He is not mocked. They are mocking Him with their laws that are not according to His Will. We have to fight for what is right, not what the democrats think is right. We must all pray fervently for God to protect us from the evil they intend for us.

  21. They did not storm the capital!! A Capital police officer opened the gate and let them in. There is video of people standing at the gate, with smiles on there faces. They were not pushing, they were not trying to get in. After the officer opened the gate, they walked in with the police.

  22. This “ storming of the capitol building” was a Piglosi/ screwmer set up to destroy President Trump and all republicans! They paid ANTIFA and BLM to do it! Now they are trying to bully Pence into invoking the 25th. Amendment to take him out of office, or impeach him so he can’t run in 2024! They are low life scum thinking they are elite! The best gift that Piglosi could get would be a terminal case of covid for allowing covid positive people in to chambers to vote for her, and—— a fitting demise! She is old, her days are numbered, her hate and arrogance will not save her, and screwmer is no spring chicken either. They need to go one way or another, so does the “ mean girl squad” who are waiting with baited breath to take over! Piglosi shot herself in the foot on this, endangered a lot of people, and should be charged with jeopardizing the congress with this blatant act of hipocracy! She will pay one way or another, God will see to that! Long live President Trump, the best president we have ever had! He WILL be back!!!

  23. I’m positive that this may be the big turning point in America!! New party formed, president Trump leading the 80 million people who embrace the constitution! I’m old but I’ll be first in line to become a member of this new party. American Party, the Constitution Party or whatever it will be called. This Democrat control is mostly in their own minds. God has His Plans and Donald J Trump is taking his orders from God! We cannot fail!! God Bless America!! Go Trump!

  24. I’m sorry, but I find it difficult to believe Conservatives will ever hold any position of power or influence in the new government. Democrats have proven they can manipulate an Election, and get away with it. The only Election Reform legislation we will see, will only benefit Democrats. The GOP will get naught but table scraps in the future.
    Our Republic died on January 6th, 2021.
    Civil War is inevitable.

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