Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo clash on live TV about whether Sens. Sinema and Manchin are really Democrats

CNN’s Don Lemon weighed in on Senate Democrats’ troubling problem of finding enough votes to pass the massive $3.5-trillion spending bill – and got a sharp rebuke from fellow anchor Chris Cuomo. Is Cuomo on his way out, and feeling free to express dissent from the party line? 

According to Fox News Lemon made his comments Wednesday, seeming to contradict his own claims that an individual’s party affiliation should have no impact on how they vote on a particular issue.

Lemon took aim at Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, (D-AZ) and Sen. Joe Manchin, (D-WV) who have taken exception to the huge spending bill, claiming they are “acting as Republicans.

The host clashed with fellow CNN host Chris Cuomo during their show handoff, when Lemon said that Sinema and Manchin were “making problems” for Democrats within the Democratic Party.

Surprisingly, Cuomo disagreed with his fellow television host, saying that Democratic Party leadership are making their own problems:

“Look what is happening in Washington. You have the Democrats that are making their own problems. We’re going out of our way to do it in this society right now,” Cuomo said at the beginning of their discussion on Sinema and Manchin.

“But you have two Republicans in the Democratic Party who are making problems for the Democrats, and that’s Manchin and Sinema,” Lemon said, to which Cuomo retorted that that was Lemon’s opinion.

“I mean they are Republicans. Come on!” Lemon said, which caused Cuomo to again respond saying Lemon was pushing off his opinion as fact and that the two were both, in fact, Democrats. “That’s not an opinion,” Lemon said.  “Just look at the way they vote.”

The two centric Democrats are considered the key to getting the bill past the upper chamber of Congress to put the bill on President Joe Biden’s desk.