Don Jr. Goes For The THROAT – Bullseye!


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6 Responses

  1. I thought a journalist was supposed to report the truth. Somehow and for a reason that I don’t understand, the media that is supposed to be the window to the world has lost it’s way, both morally and ethically. They can’t be able to hold their heads up high the way a truthful, factual, unbiased news media should be able to. There us no respect anymore. Shameless!

  2. Congress needs to repeal section 230 to make the media responsible for their actions. Right now social media is extremely bias against conservatives, but until social media is required to treat everyone the same they will remain biased. Once people can sue social media for their bias things will change.

  3. I do not believe 99% of all broadcast news and verify all other sources using two objective sources before believing that.

  4. The only decent media I have seen is All the others like CNN ABC CBS have their own narrative to meet and is very biased .and gives a lot ofDiss- information.
    Let’s get back on track with that trump spirit make America great again.

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