Dominion Voting Systems Director of Security admits to aggressive anti-Trump speech during deposition for lawsuit

Former Director of Security and Product Strategy for Dominion Voting Systems Eric Coomer is suing 15 organizations and people for defamation in his home state of Colorado, according to World News

The Dominion executive claims to have been defamed by conservative and center-right journalists who claim that the voting machine company helped sway the election results and had ties to Antifa. 

Following questions about the election results in several swing states, the media seemed firmly in favor of Dominion and the efficacy of its software and the election results. 

However, eyewitness reports, signed affidavits and investigations have served to put a strain on Dominion’s reputation, possibly indicating evidence that supports the theory of widespread fraud. 

Croomer has filed suit against several right-leaning publications, including the Gateway Pundit and Gateway Pundit Publisher Jim Hoft, as well as more public figures such as attorney Sydney Powell and Rudy Giuliana.

World News reported on the suit saying that “Coomer’s limited deposition was taken on September 23, 2021, and the court acted on its own to seal the deposition without a hearing.

“The court dramatically limited the subject matter and scope of the duration of the deposition compared to the Defendant’s depositions. This was odd since no other deposition in the case was similarly sealed by the Court letting the left write stories about those depositions, and no party had asked for Coomer’s deposition to be sealed. Primarily, the deposition verified many of the claims found in this fawning New York Times profile of Coomer.”

Included in the evidence being brought against Dominion is Eric Coomer’s deposition transcript, Eric Coomer deposition exhibits, and Eric Coomer’s deposition video, all linked by World News. 

Additionally, the publication quoted Croomer as having said that “Only an absolute F—-ING IDIOT could ever vote for that wind-bag, f—tard FASCIST RACIST F—! No bull—-, I don’t give a damn if you’re a friend, family or random acquaintance, pull the level, mark an oval, touch a screen for that carnival barker… UNFRIEND ME NOW.”