Dominican governor removed from office after asserting she would ‘throw a party’ for every unvaccinated person who died of COVID

Dominican Republic Governor Elsa de León was relieved of her duties after she proclaimed that she would “have a party” for those who died of COVID-19 without receiving a COVID-19 vaccination, according to The Daily Mail.

President Luis Abinader removed de León from her position as the governor of the northeastern province of Samaná on Monday after word of her comments spread and outrage grew.

”I am among the ones who say that from now on, for every person who dies from COVID who has not been vaccinated, I am going to have a party,” she said over the weekend, Diario Libre reported.

DeLeon previously slammed those who were unwilling to get the vaccination due to religious concerns, calling their frustration and spread of that concern unfounded and likening the COVID-19 vaccination to every shot her constituents have received in their life:

”I do not understand what the refusal of certain people is, which is not only that they do not want to be vaccinated, but that they carry a negative campaign so that people do not get vaccinated,” she said according to the Daily Mail.

”It would be good for them to stop that attitude, to attend the centers of vaccination. When they were young they got vaccinated and did not ask; they got baptized and did not ask, and why now. “If we have a pandemic and there is a vaccine, they do not want a vaccine.”

The governor was a 20-year veteran of the political arts and appointed to her position just over a year ago. She has since constantly pushed for vaccinations and shared her frustration over those who have resisted receiving it, but said she would continue to serve the public after being removed from office:

‘For your knowledge and purpose of place … with more value than before, I thank my president for allowing me to be part of his administration even for a short time,’ de León wrote in a Facebook post cited by the Daily Mail.

”I will always be willing to continue serving those who need me with or without (a public office) position. That doesn’t change anything. The shark will always be the shark.”