DOJ asks Trump-era US attorneys to resign – total purge

It’s confirmed – the Biden DOJ is asking Trump-era US attorneys to resign. It’s a political purge at the DOJ, and one that promises to have long-term ramifications fr the country.

The Hill reports:

The Justice Department plans to seek the resignation of most U.S. attorneys appointed by former President TrumpCNN reported Monday.

The transition move between administrations is expected to impact 56 U.S. attorneys who were confirmed by the Senate, a senior Justice Department official told CNN. The official said the calls for such resignations may begin as early as Tuesday

Among those asked to resign is US Attorney John Durham.

Meanwhile, the DOJ is expected to play a crucial role in the investigation of Hunter Biden, the president’s son. What makes this disturbing is the hiring of a former Hunter Biden associate for a top spot at the DOJ.

Gregg Jarrett addressed the scandal on Hannity recently:

All that to say, the deep state is alive and well under Joe Biden. I wouldn’t expect much justice from the Department of Justice under Biden.

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  1. why did everyone wait so long to show evidence that was there from the word go my pillow trump on baby cause you cannot hide black and white forensic audits let alone showing the origin of each breach of the firewalls and where they came from and when are the supreme courts that dumb or that scared to do their jobs??????????

  2. The Biden administration is anti-American and poses a threat not only to the economy but to the nation as a whole!!

  3. Of course he will get rid of ANY u.s. attorneys who might investigate the Biden’s! Cover and protect themselves at all costs! Corruption to the max!

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