DNC postpones fundraising event featuring Kamala Harris due to poor ticket sales

In the latest of a string of humiliations to befall Vice President Kamala Harris, the Democrat National Committee (DNC) was reportedly forced to cancel the Woman’s Leadership Forum fundraising event she was slated to headline and push it back to the fall due to lackluster ticket sales, as Breitbart reports.

The outlet cited Status Coup News in noting that the event “was rescheduled last minute for the autumn, when the event is traditionally held, after the event couldn’t sell enough tickets.”

That reporting further indicated that “[w]hen the invites were sent out on May 5, it was hyped as an incredible opportunity to mingle in person after two years of virtual events and meetings,” but apparently the lure of Harris was insufficient to generate the anticipated level of interest.

Tickets for the now-postponed event started at $250 for an individual, general admission pass, with photo-line availability running deep-pocketed attendees anywhere between $15,000 and $50,000.

As PJ Media’s Matt Margolis pointed out, DNC spokesperson Daniel Wessel touted Harris’ status as a “huge draw” for events, yet the unavoidable fact remains that she ranks among the least popular vice presidents in history, with the Los Angeles Times reporting that as of June 14, her unfavorable rating stood at a staggering 51%.

The inability of Harris to sell out an event typically attended by the most loyal of Democrat Party elites is yet another jarring reminder of the perhaps inescapable corner the left has backed itself into by tapping President Joe Biden as its nominee in 2020 and believing that his misguided vice presidential pick had the chops to be his heir apparent.

The dilemma facing Democrats was laid bare in a recent New York Magazine piece written by Gabriel Debenedetti, who explored the growing sense of internal party panic spurred by the age, cognitive decline, and decreasing popularity of Biden and the perceived incompetence and personally unpalatable nature of Harris.

As the author aptly noted, even if Biden were to abandon his previously stated plans to seek another four-year term in the Oval Office, there is much concern among high-level Democrats that a Harris candidacy – even if endorsed by the current commander in chief – might not be enough to stave off a potentially damaging primary battle.

In the wake of a series of reports of dysfunction and discontent among the vice president’s team members and a growing sense that staffers were jumping ship en masse simply to avoid the career damage of being pegged as a “Harris person,” it is becoming increasingly clear that she is broadly seen as a tremendous liability rather than the historically significant asset she was initially billed to be, and this latest embarrassment does little to alter that impression.