Disturbing videos and photos leaked from Hunter Biden’s reportedly hacked iPhone

A hacker collective called 4Chan reportedly cracked into one of Hunter Biden’s iPhone backups over the weekend, giving the group full access to some 500GB of data.

Some of that data was in the form of photos and videos that are downright disturbing, and could, some say, result in criminal charges, depending if prosecutors have the fortitude to move against the president’s drug-addicted, mentally unstable son.

One of the videos uncovered, which was aired on Fox News several times on Monday night, showed Hunter Biden debating how much crack he had sitting on a small scale. The video showed Hunter’s face, and the woman with him, presumably a prostitute, went back and forth about the exact weight of the crack cocaine rocks.

A disturbing photo of Hunter Biden reportedly eating a sandwich during a Facetime call with a girl who had some type of bag or covering over her face also raised questions across social media over the weekend.

There were several additional videos depicting Hunter Biden using drugs, specifically what appeared to be smoking crack cocaine out of a pipe. In nearly all of them, he was either naked or close to it, raising questions for many as to why he felt the need to film such encounters.

So far, as they did prior to the 2020 election, most of the mainstream media has largely ignored the leaked photos and videos, with many on social media defending the president’s son, suggesting that his “bedroom life” isn’t anyone’s business.

But many have argued that if this were Donald Trump Jr. or Eric Trump, the media would be hysterical over such a situation by this point.