Disney stripped of self-governance privileges in newly-signed Florida law

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) continues to teach woke corporations that attempting to appease radical leftists with whacky and dangerous narratives and ideology will get a company nowhere in the great state of Florida.

According to The Daily Wire, the Republican governor dealt an especially devastating blow to Walt Disney Co., stripping the powerful entity of a uniquely special self-governance ability of the land that the theme park controls.

The self-governance privilege offered the theme park company unprecedented tax benefits, among other advantages that most companies have never experienced.

“I’m just not comfortable having that type of agenda get special treatment in my state,” DeSantis said in a statement after signing the death blow to the woke, leftist-ridden corporation. Disney had created a firestorm of controversy in recent weeks over several videos leaked to the press showing top brass at the company pushing a radical gender and LGBTQ agenda.

Some of those Disney leaders also vowed to combat DeSantis’s parental rights bill, which blocks kindergartners through third-graders from learning about LGBTQ gender ideology and sexuality. The leftist media, politicians, and woke corporations like Disney falsely labeled it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

“The bill eliminates the Reedy Creek Improvement District, which exempts Disney from numerous regulations and taxes and fees and reportedly saves the company tens of millions of dollars per year,” The Daily Wire noted.

Liberal pundits and politicians were in hysterics after news broke of DeSantis signing the bill, proving that maybe for the first time at a state level, Republicans are finally exercising their power and pushing back against the disastrous and dangerous policies of the left.

There’s no doubt that DeSantis will eventually run for the presidency, he’d be silly not to. When that time comes, he’ll have a very long and impressive list of accomplishments that will likely be unmatched by his competition.