DeSantis vows to fight CDC restrictions on cruse ships all the way to the Supreme Court

The state of Florida will take on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) restrictions on cruise ships according to The Hill

According to the publication’s report, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) said Monday his state will take the CDC to court over their continuing restrictions linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

These comments were spurred by several recent rulings, including last month when a federal judge in Florida barred the CDC from enforcing coronavirus-era sailing orders.

The federal judge’s ruling was then temporarily blocked by a U.S. appeals court after the state argued that the CDC was overstepping its authority with the orders and health requirements for cruise lines.

DeSantis announced that his administration is “absolutely going to pursue” its legal options following the ruling at either the same court, or pursue a new ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals granted the temporary stay in a 2-1 decision late Saturday in a last-minute ruling. Thanks to the CDC’s ruling cruise lines were required to adhere to a set of testing and safety measures if they planned to continue operation and sail despite COVID-19 outbreaks recorded on cruise lines last year.

DeSantis said he thinks the state will “probably” take its legal fight “to the full 11th Circuit en banc,” when speaking from Poinciana, Fla.,

“I think that most courts at this point have had their limit with the CDC issuing these dictates without a firm statutory basis. So I’m confident that we’d win on the merits at the full 11th Circuit,” he said. “Honestly, I’m confident we’d win at the U.S. Supreme Court,” the governor added

“One of the reasons why we did it was not just it’s an important industry for our state. We’re committed to that, but it raises a bigger question,” DeSantis said. “Can you just have one agency and the government without Congress ever passing a law just basically shutting down an industry? Maybe you don’t care about the cruise industry, but next time, it might be your industry.”

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Kathleen Martin (@guest_382729)
13 days ago

I agree 100% with the Governor’s decisions on this!! When does the CDC mind it’s own business, insteading of trying to close ours!! enough is enough!!

Joseph Freije (@guest_382648)
14 days ago

The poopy hands dead animal flesh meat virus will not go away until the world finally realizes that poopy hands and dead animal flesh chomping are two deadly forms of behavior; like laboratory genetic modifications of human waste (science is looking for a variant that can be sold to justify 1,500 genders). Fact is, boys and girls, “BIG PHARMA” has created MORE health problems than health solutions in the past 50 years. MONEY and POWER over others with force is the foundation of government. Power over others with the promotion of the FEAR of “going to hell” is the number two tactic used by evil people; those who have the first problem mentioned in this post. So, in summary, slaves (96% of the masses whether you realize it or not); YOUR JOB as a taxpayer slave is to shut up, do what you are told, get the vaccine, wear a mask, don’t question the tv news mouths, worship the politicians, and HOPE your death comes quickly and with minimum pain and suffering. Consuming large quantities of sugar and modified sugar, is FUEL for all the viruses YOUR GOVERNMENT spreads via the planet’s jet stream. Of course, yes, China owns the jet stream and americans are taxed to process the legal paperwork that constitutionally supports the Chinese. (Many people do NOT know that China and the U.S. RICH leaders have been working on a one world government plan since the 1950’s. Russia is largely a distraction, a very dangerous potential enemy, supported by the Catholic church, Israel, Iraq, and the international billionaire banking/investment gang. Right, your money is at work; uh huh, will you ever see any benefits from the “work?”

malady71 (@guest_382641)
14 days ago

Why is the CDC making rules for all of us, more and more each day it is pure proof that the Vaxes are not working anymore, or did they ever? now there could be two reasons why this is happening, the Southern Border is wide open for all illegals being allowed into this country with Covid, why is this happening and yet this president is forcing masks back on us and locking us down, why not those illegals? Just what is this variant? and why is the Vaccine not protecting any of us?

Joseph Freije (@guest_382643)
Reply to  malady71
14 days ago

According to hunter biden, as long as the sun shines, the rich people in the country will have the ability to control the virus any way they want (to thin the population of dumbed down slaves). Sunlight allegedly kills the poopy hands covid hiv/aids gay replacement pandemic virus. The covid was intended to distract attention away from the gay colon sex act pandemic; however, it keeps mutating. A reason sunlight has not eradicated the covid is because the world is living in darkness (brain function mental darkness with vain pride and arrogance). The illegals are ripe for exploitation with transgender surgery to support the fake medical care industry in Satan’s America. The variant is in the tweaking of the gay twang, as the gay twang readily identifies a problematic situation that has to be eradicated before the wall can be completed. Of course, joe biden explained all this to hunter, and joe biden got his information from kamala. No one in politics (on the forced liability payroll/benefits program) is responsible for anything that does not make sense. And the media just reports the chaos and lies, for a price, of course.

Elizabeth Huston (@guest_382769)
Reply to  Joseph Freije
13 days ago

Separating the races is one step towards a communist country. It’s what Hitler did in Germany. I wish our country would wake up 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Fooyong (@guest_382638)
14 days ago

Joe Biden just loves nice fresh dogshit, can some one send him 2 or three pounds.

LillyHaynes (@guest_382625)
14 days ago

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Last edited 14 days ago by LillyHaynes
Joseph Freije (@guest_382644)
Reply to  LillyHaynes
14 days ago

Selling ads?

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