DeSantis signs Florida election reform put on his desk by Republicans

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed an election reform bill pushed by Republicans that would protect the ballot box, according to a report by The Hill.

The measure comes on the heels of Republicans’ disappointment over the 2020 presidential election results that some believe to have been fraudulent, and the vote was primarily along party lines in the state legislature.  While Republicans held the majority, civil rights groups along with 67 of the state’s county elections supervisors objected.

According to The Hill’s report, DeSantis made a point of signing the measure live on Fox News, and even went so far as to shut out local media stations that had planned to cover the signing ceremony.

The bill requires voters who plan to vote absentee or change their registration to supply a driver’s license number or other state identification or social security number.

The bill also limits access to the absentee ballot drop boxes that were made available in most of Florida’s counties, requiring voters who want to cast the ballot to submit a new request every election, versus every four years.

Additionally, it bans election workers from distributing food or water to those in line within 150 feet of the polling place. It also keeps Flordia counties from entering into an greements that would change election procedures and from accepting grants or private funds for election-related expenses from private funders, such as those that were tied to Mark Zuckerberg.

“Floridians can rest assured that our state will remain a leader in ballot integrity,” DeSantis said. “Elections should be free and fair, and these changes will ensure this continues to be the case in the Sunshine State.”

Almost immediately after DeSantis signed the legislation, Democratic attorney Marc Elias said his team is challenging the bill on behalf of the League of Women Voters of Florida and the Black Voters Matter Fund and the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans.

“Gov. DeSantis and the Florida Republicans are more interested in holding on to power than ensuring fair access to our democracy,” said Manny Diaz, the chairman of the Florida Democratic Party. “They all praised the quality of the November elections here in Florida and now they are changing the rules. For the Florida Republicans, this bill is not about election integrity, it is about blatant voter suppression, just because they can.”

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  3. I think it was Georgia that made all absentee ballots have water marks on the paper. I think that’s a good idea to have something right in the paper itself!

  4. It is always the same old words from the Dems.. Voter Suppression, Race, stop blacks from voting, hurt the elderly, stop people from voting and more. Actually they have put these voters down as stupid for years. They are the suppressors and have been for years. They lie and cheat when ever they get a chance. Biden, in 2008, walked away when I asked him a question at the NEA convention because he knew he lied to the crowd in his speech and he was mad that I challenged him. He has a great difficulty with honesty. He loves to tell the big ones.

  5. Those complaining express their concern for voter suppression. Who in their right mind can’t get to the polls or apply ahead of time for ballots to be cast absentee? It really is as simple as picking up your phone…..don’t have a ride? Just ask someone! The only voters this would suppress would be those not to be legally voting. And that should be what we all want, right?

  6. Too bad the states are a day late and a dollar short on the timing. They should have done this last year before king biden stole his way in… now if the country survives we can start from the bottom again.. if we are still a country by then..

  7. The Dems have never wanted votes to be able to be checked, they don’t want voter id’s for this reason. Its not about voter suppression it’s about Honest elections. Even the average Democratic citizen should be for honest elections, as I am sure the Dems have rigged State elections for who they want to represent a particular State.

    1. Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!! All the states need to do the same thing… It’s about time someone has the balls to do something …… We need to IMPEACH BIDEN, HARRIS, PELOSI, SCHUMER and others that are ruining our country.. These people are a bunch of IDIOTS and need to be IMPEACHED!!!!!

  8. This should be a natural national mandate. U.S Was supposedly built on integrity and honest respresentation, so why would we have to vote on it… really.

  9. We have the best Governor! I wish he could run for more than two terms. I voted for him the first time as the lesser of two evils as he was unknown to me. Now I am so glad that I voted for him. He has taken care of Floridians first all through this Covid hoax and mess. I don’t as a rule ever put a sticker on my car but there is a DeSantis sticker on it! I am so proud to tell people when I travel that I am from Florida. I recently went to Georgia and more than one person commented that they wished they had a governor as good as we do. He is the envy of the all the states. Next runner up is Governor Noem in South Dakota. He is the poster child for what a governor should be. FANTASTIC GOVERNOR! If I didn’t know better I would swear he was related to President Trump. He always puts Florida First!

  10. That should have been done last year
    So we would still have our President Trump and being in better situation than now with that man who carry only the bane but doesn’t know to run a Country to the Greatest


  12. I always ask…..”what voter supression?” The left never answers……. around and around we go……

    1. Best thing that ever happened more states should do the same as Florida did. Deomrats can’t win anything without cheating they are a bunch miss fits they all need to be impeached.

      1. Yes,me too! We need to get our elections to be fair again one way or another. What happened this last time should never happen again. Biden even told us he had the most extensive fraud set up before election and he still got away with it??? Something smells very fishy.

      2. you have to show id to get into a ball game buy a bottle of booze and much more for slid sound proof so why not to stop the fraud in the elections

      1. I TOTALLY AGREE!!! It should be an extra vote before any upcoming elections in EVERY STATE, but we ALL KNOW WHO WOULD PUT A STOP TO THIS,,,,,,,,THE CROOKED DUMBOCRAPS!!! THEY ARE AFRAID OF ANYTHING HONEST!!! DAMN THEM ALL!!!

    1. Now we just need 49 other states to do the same. Without voter protection people will not vote.

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