DeSantis pardons those facing fines over violating pandemic regulations

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) granted official pardons to Floridians facing fines over violating pandemic orders, according to The Washington Examiner

Among those pardoned were former gym owners Mike and Jillian Carnevale who were arrested on multiple occasions and even had their business shut down due to their refusal to make members wear masks while in the facility.

“I’m here today to say health and wellness has always been one of our foundational responsibilities to ourselves. It has never been the role of government to be legally and lawfully enforcing and dictating health and wellness,” Mike Carnevale said. “So, today is something I am really grateful for.”

“You know, we’re business owners, not criminals, so it feels really good to know I can move forward,” said Jillian Carnevale.

When announcing the pardons the Florida Republican said that he believes this is a crucial step to helping the state fully regain normalcy.

“This action is necessary so that we can recover, have a good transition to normal operations, and also just a recognition that a lot of this stuff was way, way overboard,” DeSantis said.

He commented on the Carnevale’s saying that they used “common sense” when it came to decisions about where patrons should wear masks in the gym:

“Just understand, if you’re in good shape, you’re going to handle COVID 99.99% of the time,” DeSantis reminded Floridians who might still be concerned about the virus. And so, they are telling you to close people’s gyms, have them eat takeout, and watch Netflix all day. That’s not good for health. So, one of the best things you can do for COVID is to be in good health.”

Carnevale was arrested three times, which DeSantis considered not only excessive but misuse of police resources: “I just want to say, we’ve got to stop that. Let’s focus on the real criminals,” said DeSantis.