Dershowitz predicts Bannon’s conviction will soon be overturned

Steve Bannon, who was recently convicted of violating congressional subpoenas regarding the 1/6 House committee, might still have a light at the end of the legal tunnel.

At least according to former Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, who recently argued that because he believes Bannon didn’t receive a fair trial the former top advisor to President Donald Trump could have his conviction overturned. 

During a recent Newsmax interview, Dershowitz emphasized that Bannon was never going to receive a fair trial — not even close — in Washington D.C.

“Entirely predictable and entirely in violation of the Constitution. The only provision of the Constitution which appears basically twice is trial by jury, in front of a fair jury,” Dershowitz told host Greta Van Susteren, when asked about Bannon’s verdict and what might happen to him down the road.

He added: “Number one he didn’t have a fair jury. Number two the judge took his defenses away from him. The judge denied him a jury trial. They wouldn’t allow him to put on evidence that he believed there was an executive privilege involved and he wanted a judicial determination bfore he violated the executive privilege. That issue could not be presented to the jury.”

Dershowitz doubled down in his prediction that Bannon will eventually have his conviction overturned, one way or another, even if it has to go all the way to the top of the justice food chain — the U.S. Supreme Court.

“As I predicted on this show and other shows before this conviction was a foregone conclusion. The only issue is will it be reversed by an appeal. Either by the appellate court in the District of Columbia or by the Supreme Court. I think its very likely that this conviction will be reversed at some point.”

Only time will tell if Dershowitz called this one, but it’s probably safe to say that Bannon’s lawyers are earning their retainers right about now.