Dems not confident in Kamala Harris as a 2024 presidential nominee

It only takes a casual observer to deduce that President Joe Biden, given his frailty and obvious age-related cognitive decline, likely won’t wage a reelection campaign in 2024, leaving Vice President Kamala Harris as the presumptive Democratic nominee.

However, as Fox News pointed out in a recent piece, that’s also a problem for the Democratic Party, as Harris is not only routinely clocking in record-low polling numbers but, put simply, nobody likes her. That includes many of her own staffers, who’ve leaked reports to the left-leaning press that she oversees a “toxic” workplace.

It’s true that Biden and his handlers have unofficially signaled that he’s ramping up to make a run for a second term in 2024, but nobody on Capitol Hill is buying it. And that’s not only because of his constant stream of gaffes and perpetual state of confusion, but his polling numbers are dismal, at best.

Harris is performing so poorly on the job that earlier this month, more leaked reports reportedly from inside the White House indicated that there’s a growing rift between the two camps, and before it’s dismissed as fake news, it should be noted that it was none other than CNN that broke the story.

As a Democrat, you know it’s bad when the hardcore liberal media begins reporting negative stories about you, and that’s exactly what’s happening in increasing fashion over the past several weeks.

Just over the course of the past several months, Harris has been on the wrong end of every joke. From faking a French accent to appearing in a wildly cringeworthy NASA space video with children who were paid to sit with her, her public relations makeover was a complete and utter failure.

Before those incidents, Harris compared the “horsewhipping” Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agent scandal — which was a completely false account of what actually happened — with slavery in America.

Oh, and remember when she made the argument that voter ID is bad because rural Americans apparently don’t have access to copy machines? And let’s not even start on her failures at the southern U.S. border — a task that she’s seemingly completely turned away from.

There’s good reason that Republicans — and presumably millions of American voters — want things to continue how they are, for now, as it all but guarantees not only sweeping GOP victories in 2022 but likely also an easy Republican presidential victory in 2024.