Dems’ desperation on border crisis revealed by racism claim

Recent days have witnessed a frantic race among Democrats to deflect blame for the escalating border disaster to everything from Trump-era immigration policy to climate change, but the latest salvo in ongoing debate on the subject is indicative of their true desperation to change the subject. They’re essentially conceding that the crisis is real – and then pivoting to tired claims of racism.

During a Monday appearance on MSNBC, Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX) declared that Gov. Greg Abbott (R)’s expressions of concern that the unchecked influx of migrants is bringing new cases of COVID-19 into the country represent an “old, racist trope” likely to prompt violence, in what is clear evidence of the left’s abandonment of rational discourse on the topic.

As Breitbart reported, Escobar told viewers of The ReidOut that Abbott’s words of caution about the coronavirus are “really dangerous” and argued that his notion of “immigrants bringing disease” is the same sort of “xenophobic, anti-immigrant rhetoric” responsible for the 2019 mass shooting in El Paso.

However, Abbott has not been the only official to sound the alarm about COVID-19 and its presence among the migrant arrivals, with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton raising the issue earlier this month along with Brownsville, Texas spokesperson Felipe Romero, who revealed that 185 individuals who had been released at his city’s bus terminal ultimately tested positive for the coronavirus, as Fox News reported.

Escobar’s attempt to distract from legitimate public health and safety concerns elicited by the migrant crisis by painting them as dangerous products of racism and xenophobia is especially egregious in light of the rapidly deteriorating conditions in which those who have made their way to the border are currently being held.

Even some fellow Democrats are – perhaps reluctantly – blowing the whistle on the inhumane environment on the ground at federal migrant detention facilities, with Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) releasing on Monday a series of photos depicting harrowing scenes of overcrowded, unclean accommodations at a detention center in Donna, Texas, in which social distancing appeared impossible.

Cuellar himself remarked that the scenario would be “terrible under a regular circumstances, but when you add a pandemic on top of that, those pictures can be disturbing,” lending credence to Abbott’s worries about the spread of COVID-19, despite Escobar’s cynical bid to dismiss them as reckless racism.

During the early months of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 – when Donald Trump was still in office – left-leaning think tank The Brookings Institution reported in detail on the massive risk of COVID-19 transmission not just from migrant detainees but also from the facility staff who come and go between the centers and surrounding communities. As the influx of arrivals is allowed to continue unabated, the volume of such exposures will inevitably increase.

Not surprisingly, the same concerns raised during the prior administration that overcrowding and substandard conditions represented profound danger of viral transmission are now labeled as the racist rantings of xenophobic Republicans, in a sure sign that Democrats are incapable – or simply unwilling – to engage in honest, substantive analysis of the unfolding border catastrophe.

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  1. This tired old crap from the democratic leadership is so ridiculous. We all know who’s fault this is, it is Joe’s fault for welcoming these people.
    he played on their desperation and he is getting what he deserves.
    he is a stupid man who represents the ideocracy of our nation.
    I am just so tired of paying for their stupidity.
    all of the politicians are dirty but at least the republican leadership doesn’t try to blame actions on everyone else.

    1. Sadly, these migrants also fell for Biden’s lies and promises. Many paid with their lives and those who ‘made’ it here are now finding this is NOT ‘Paradise’, after all!! 50 Million South Americans want to migrate to America!! That, added to the 20million already here, (that we know about) will add up to more than the population of the USA previous to all this ‘illegal’ disaster we now have. They suffer and now–our people will suffer as well. The Democrats have done the American people no ‘favors’, as they claim, but pursue only their own selfish agendas!! They care little for the suffering they are causing millions of people to endure and will not even take responsibility for it!! As always, it’s the ‘other guy’s fault’!! No longer!! Now, even the Mexican president is angry and putting the full ‘blame’ on Biden!! Actually, Biden isn’t coherent and the FULL ‘blame’ is that of the Democratic Party!! Blame never resolved a problem and it won’t resolve this one!! Somehow this government needs to be ‘shut down’ and ‘shut out’!! The danger is real!!

    2. I aabsolutely agree. So tred, n fact Im FED UP with ther narrative of xenophobic, racist, bla bla blathering. They show their IGNORANCE by repeating the same old s—it over & over & over.! They have no clue, no arguments, no new ideas all they want is CONTROL and REVENGE. Destroy our country with their diatribes and Im just sick of all of them in the Donley party. obama is pulling the strings of the empty biden head and is imploding our country. Get him out please. both in fact.

    3. It seems that Ole’ Joe has turned the Border Crisis over to the VP………..Next, they will tell WE THE LEGAL CITIZENS that we have to give an illegal family a place in our homes………….KH is a VP sicko…………

    4. well it doesn’t surprise me coming from a hispanic always when all else fails pull out the trusty race card.what a joke! sorry but the bribem administration owns this one!

    5. it is Joe Biden’s fault and for one, I’m getting sick and tired of these people blaming everything on the best President we’ve had a in a very long
      time. He has done a lot for our country and won’t put up with any crap. This is going to be a very long and painful four years.

  2. Rep Escobar of Texas needs to get another job. The Texas Governor Abbott is right about the border. And so is Senator Ted Cruz.The border in Texas is a disaster.

    1. Not only is the Texas Border a disaster. New Mexico, Arizona, and California are as well. Transportation takes too much longer for the Senators and Congressman to make the trip further west from their important Jobs at their US Capitol offices and official Business/ Very few Democrats, except those who care, have visited the Border situation; the others’ do not care of the human misery. As the President of El Salvador said, this is unfair to the Countries that are losing their FUTURE leaders. These Children are irreplaceable to their FUTURE wellbeing and stability of the Countries, from which they come from. On the other had there are 141 other Countries involved that effect the Military Security of the United States of America, now that we have a Homeland Security Service Department since 9/11, we shall call it Homeland Security. I say get Rid of HSS and place the Border Patrol in the US Army and make them a Domestic Branch and we would then have non- political “CONTROL” and laws would be Obeyed. Permissions to enforce Laws would not be required – they would be done..
      People lioke Rep. Escobae, AOC Etc, appear not have to grown up yet and have very slight knowldge of the History, or the Constitution of the United States of America

  3. As long as misinformed, stupid people keep voting for opportunistic, idiot commiecrats like Escobar, the situation will never change! This is why they don’t want to open schools! Keep those kids dumb & misinformed, they’ll more likely vote for devious snakes like her!

    1. It will be so hard to turn things around due to all the free money people are getting for not working. A mcdonald cheeseburger will cost $12 and the dimwit stoned demorats will ask for cola (cost of living adjustment for rio linda) to keep up. I can’t believe what is happening in front of our eyes. everything is a litigious nightmare and corruption is king. guys setting records in women’s sports? what is that?

  4. What exactly did the Democrats think was going to happen when thousands of illegals are
    allowed into the country without being tested or quarantined. Do these people even attempt
    to use their brains before following their masters idiotic demands. Everytime the Left does
    anything they just prove out incompetent and out of sink they are with the reality. If there wasn’t
    people trying to contain them, the Democrats would shoot themselves in the head trying to blame
    others for their foolishness. Perhaps we should just let them shoot, it might just save us time and
    effort in stopping their rampage of stupidity.

    1. All they think about is gaining total control over all Americans, and bringing all those so called Democratic voters, into the country. They do not care what happens to Americans or to the illegals either, as long as they vote Democrat. It’s s fine idea to send a couple of busloads to Biden, but we should see that Pelosi, Obama, Hilary, Schumer, Schitf, Watters, Nadler and the rest of the communist left each receive a busload or two. They will be the only ones left with any money, if Biden has his way

  5. Need to send a few buses to the white house and unload them there. It is time for the president to start living with what he is pushing on the country.

    1. WHICH WH????? Pedo Joe is not in the DC WH, it’s empty!! Mind there are three movie sets of the WH that he is using, one near LA, one in Georgia and one in Atlantic City.
      Everything we are seeing is a show/movie taking place, are members of Congress on C Span real or actors??? Who knows, they won’t take their masks off.
      Are we seeing a Real Pedo Joe and a stand in when Joe get’s real bad for his medications to work??? Looks like it.
      Is the Piglosi we are seeing a “stand in”??? Is the real Piglosi being held in custody by the military??
      Things don’t look like the real thing, something big is going off.

  6. Covid is an American virus created in Wuhan New Jersey there have been no other cases in the World? Isolated to the USA

    1. What planet are you living on, Kenneth? Just go to China where the virus originated and ask the locals how many in their family have died. You will get a real education there. That is not counting those in Europe that have died or South America, Africa, etc.

      Phil in TX

    2. Scientists from the Wuhan, China biological and chemical warfare lab have escaped and are in hiding in the US now. There is NO question that COVID was discovered in China. At that time, it was not transmissable to humans. The scientists were transferred to Wuhan, China where they deliberately mutated the virus to be transmissible to humans.

  7. Dems made thier bed when Joe said come over in 2019
    Its their Mess & any RINO who aided actions by voting.
    NOT my problem BUT thiers

  8. The old but true saying ” STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES” Has never been as it is now regarding our present Democratic LEADERS. THEY refuse to even attempt to correct issues they know that is destroying the U.S.A. and it’s citizens. They are a disgrace to the American Flag and our constitution. Thank you. M.N.S.

  9. The same liberal speech – it’s somebody else who started the problem !!! When is enough hogwash enough !!! Democrats – liberals – whatever they call themselves are a bunch of ill informed people acting like they know something – AND DON’T KNOW A THING EXCEPT TO BLAME OTHER PEOPLE ALL THE TIME !!! Americans had better stand together and stop this lunacy quickly !!! Hasn’t enough damage already been done ?

  10. Shame on the dems for allowing this flood of illegals at our borders. It was under control with President Trump. Maybe someone needs to follow the money to see who’s funding them. Where are they getting thousands of dollars to come here? Dems?!!

  11. Is this Escobar really THIS stupid? There is a COVID outbreak in several of the facilities and she is really wanting us to believe that we are racist if we are concerned about the illegals being flown and bused all over the US? That is exactly why Ellis Island did medical screenings back in the day and you did not get into the US if you were sick. You were either sent back or quarantined! There is a worldwide pandemic and we are being told to stop socializing and keep a distance of 6 feet, but illegals don’t need to practice these safety measures! This might be racist, but I say- check out her last name and you will figure out why she is spouting such ignorance!

  12. Escobar can’t see that Joe is doing a bad job at the border . Bringing all them illegals in America putting them all together. I guess if Joe Lies a lot she will too.

  13. Hate to inject reality into leftist rants, but Hispanic people, just like ‘white’ people are of the Caucasoid race. Dang it-there goes your racist scam.

  14. Anyone who is so sympathetic to this bs at the border needs to take these people to their homes or provide all the help they need and stop making choices for Americans whose tax dollars have to pay for this. The politicians work for us; we do not work for them. I am sick of the word Racism every 5 minutes. We have laws here that no one seems to honor. Can we go barging into other countries like people do ours? I do not think so. Escoba, would you let anyone barge into your home? STFU.

  15. Escobar said governor Abbott is being xenophobic by saying the illegals are coming into this country and some being tested for covid testing positive and being released into the public endangering Texans and other states. Democrats can’t handle the truth no matter what they will play the race card because that’s all they know race card and blaming others for their stupidity..

  16. joe and the ho need those ILLEGALS brought to their homes and demented nancy’s home……The entire left ILLEGAL president and the ho VP need to be impeached immediately and charged with treason, fraud, lying to the good people of America……arrested and jailed…

  17. Agree with statements above, the Democrats are ruining America and the country that so many fought and gave their lives for.. Americans better pay attention if this continues, America will not be as we Have known it.. if we don’t get some of the Democrats out.. Biden is not running the country – it’s Pelosi and Schumer and others running rampant!!

  18. Some people might need some flax to stop being so uptight! The influx of migrants IS BRINGING COVID & the thief in chief should be impeached for NOT keeping the American CITIZENS safe!! END OF STORY!!!!!

  19. These illegals pay the cartels, coyotes, etc from $4,000 to $25,000 to smuggle them into our country. Where the hell do they get that kind of money. With that money, they could live quite nicely in their own country. Probably from George Soros. Soros has been trying to bring down our government for years – now with that idiot Biden, he is succeeding. All the illegals should by put on planes, and sent back south to wherever they cam from – immediately. No housing them, no taking care of them, no releasing them into our country.

  20. I think it’s time for the people in whom were elected or sitting in control with all the demands of their voters dig themselves out of the holes and face up !
    The finger is pointed on them! Stop supporting these crooks with your vote!
    What advancement has been accomplished? Corruption at the highest level! We are Americans and still paying to stay one!

  21. Remember a few years ago China said that the American people have guns behind every Bush. I BET THEY ARE HAPPY WITH BIDEN WITH WHAT HE IS TRYING TO DO.

  22. Democrats can’t even control their bowels let alone this country. They can certainly develop cities for relieving one’s self. Case in point is Sanfransicko, Portland, and Seattle. Voters of these districts must feel right proud of their newly developed cess pools.

  23. Can you Democrats spell common sense I don’t think so the 80-year-old senior woman without the cane is the one running the day and the party

  24. The democrats opened the gates and now they are trying to blame everyone else but themselves what a disgrace

  25. My paranoid side can’t help but think the reason why the Demacrats are so reluctant to blame China for the virus ,is someone over hear paid for the research and planned on using it here responsibly ,but it all got out of hand by the Chinese in China .

  26. If Democrats aren’t in denial their acting worse than children pointing fingers blaming their screwups on someone else; grow up already! It’s amazing how an entire administration can’t handle what President Trump handled with ease.

  27. Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX) needs to get her head out of the sand and start listening to the “Science”!! A large majority of the illegals are testing positive for Covid and they are being released into Texas cities where they can spread the disease. The last thing Texas needs after a year of the pandemic is having Covid positive illegals running through Texas at will. There is nothing “xenophobic or anti-immigrant rhetoric” talking about sick people violating our immigration Laws and if Veronica thinks that this is okay, she has no business in a position of leadership when times call for the safety and protection of Texas families. Surely, we can find someone that cares for Texans more than they care for their Party.

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