Dems and White House attack Manchin instead of trying to negotiate BBB passage

In the wake of Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) ruining Christmas for the entirety of the Democratic Party, to include President Joe Biden’s White House, by tanking the Build Back Better legislation, many questions have emerged on why the White House is seemingly abandoning ship.

As Frontpage Mag writer David Greenfield pointed out: Biden’s White House and Democrats in general, who hammered Manchin for half of the year with personal attacks, could have taken a step back and dialed the bill down to a level that Manchin could have digested. 

But instead, they essentially bailed out completely. In addition, Dems and their allies in the mainstream media went into attack mode, which isn’t exactly the best strategy to get Manchin to come to an agreement on future deals.

“If the Dems had wanted to pass BBB, maybe they should have spent the past 6 months actually hammering it into a shape that could get enough votes to pass,” Greenfield wrote.

As Greenfield also correctly noted, Manchin’s admission that he’s unwilling to support the social spending legislation in its current iteration is in no way, shape, or form a surprise, and Dems know it. Manchin said earlier this year, on multiple occasions, that the pricetag of the bill was higher than what he was willing to support.

That means when Psaki accused Manchin of pulling a “reversal,” she was, once again, lying. Manchin has stuck to his guns the entire time, telling his colleagues — and the press — that any bill over $1.5 billion was not acceptable.

Imagine, if Democrats had used the past few weeks or months with that in mind, and crafted a slightly cheaper bill, they could have fulfilled their pre-Christmas break goal of possibly voting on and passing the bill.

Instead, they’ve completely embarrassed the party, the White House, and are left with absolutely nothing.

Only time will tell if Dems come to their senses and begin to attempt to repair their relationship with the moderate West Virginia senator, but with rumors already emerging that there is a possibility of Manchin exiting the party, it looks as though it’s far too late and Dems are just plain out of luck.