Democrats silent as 30 people were shot and 3 killed in Chicago in a 72-hour timespan

Democrats quickly exploited two recent mass shootings in order to renew their push for passing new gun control laws, which, unfortunately, is a typical play from the left in the wake of those types of tragedies.

What Democrats fail to mention is the fact that most of America’s “gun violence” issues are a result of continuous reports of shootings in the streets, such as in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s (D) Chicago, where according to Breitbart, some 30 people were shot over the 72-hour course of last weekend. 

As of Monday morning, after reports from law enforcement and hospitals were tallied for the weekend, an astonishing 30 people were victims of gun violence and three of those victims were killed as a result.

What’s even more pathetic is that those numbers aren’t nearly as shocking as they should be — especially for those who live in or near the Windy City — as that level of violence is literally a weekly event.

As the Chicago Tribune reported, 2021 is shaping up to be a devastating year for Lightfoot’s Chicago. In just the first three months of the year, there have been 620 shootings in the city. That number is 159 more than the number of shootings during the same time period in 2020.

Of those 620, at least 116 of those shootings resulted in deaths. However, Democrats are virtually mum on the issue given the fact that because it didn’t all happen in one or two events, it doesn’t garner the media coverage that they can capitalize on as they do when a mass shooting occurs.

Lightfoot has been widely panned by Chicago officials and Americans in general for her poor handling of the city’s exploding gun violence problem, which is primarily the result of increased gang violence. That criticism was amplified over the past year as Lightfoot seemingly spent more time cracking down on house parties during the pandemic than she did making sure the streets were safe.

Chicago isn’t the only Democrat-run city experiencing upticks in gun violence, but again, that isn’t something that Democrats seem to be focused on, as multiple shootings spread out over months do not carry the same weight as a person killing 10 people in a supermarket in one go.

Unfortunately, as long as cities like Chicago are run by Democrats who seemingly look the other way with regard to street-level gun violence, the number of shootings — and deaths — will continue to skyrocket.