Democrats question Harris’ absence from budget talks in the Senate

Vice President Kamala Harris has made headlines with her absence during critical budget talks on Capitol Hill, according to The Washington Times

The VP’s lack of involvement in the controversial topic has Washington insiders questioning whether she’s fulfilling the traditional role as the vice president.

On Tuesday, Harris did appear at the Democratic National Committee and attempted to bring excitement for midterm elections, but her efforts appear to have fallen on deaf ears:

“We all know what’s at stake,” said Harris about the highly contentious abortion legislation in Texas, calling them “anti-voter laws” and “anti-woman laws.”

“We’ve got to make it clear to the American people that Democrats who are fighting against the unfairness, the injustice of these approaches, that Democrats are on their side,” she said. “Democrats fight for the people. So to win this fight for our future, we must deliver for the American people.”

Despite her talk of urgency, Harris’ schedule has been suspiciously light, with her lack of public engagements concerning Democrats.

Voters have been critical of Harris chosen absences, including when she visited a Cuban cafe in Washington on Monday after being away for the weekend in Palm Springs, California. The White House brushed off concerns calling it a “private family matter,” but constituents are left wondering if she’s invested enough in the public matters to keep the position of Vice President filled. 

On the other side of the DNC spectrum are those who don’t feel the VP’s absence because they don’t feel she has much to contribute, such as longtime Democratic Senate Aaid Jim Manley:

“She came to the Senate at a time [in 2017] when it was broken,” Mr. Manley said. “As someone who spent 21 years in the Senate, I am not sure that she has any great insights from her time in the Senate. That is just a fact,” Mr. Manley said. “She is no master of the Senate.”