Democrats pursue court packing with new bill

Congressional Democrats move forward with groundbreaking legislation that would expand the size of the Supreme Court, according to The Intercept.

The proposed bill would add four seats to the nation’s highest court, taking it from nine to 13m according to three congressional sources cited by the Intercept. 

House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler (D-NY) is sponsoring the bill, along with subcommittee Chair Hank Johnson, and first-term Rep. Mondaire Jones (D-NY). 

Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) is the Senate sponsor of the bill that would very likely swing the majority of the court from conservative to liberal. 

Conservatives currently hold six of the nine seats on the court, while confirmed liberals hold three. Former President Donald Trump was responsible for nominating three of those six, all of whom are thought likely to stay on the court for several decades. 

 20 New York elected officials penned a letter to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer indicating that they felt Trump’s picks for the court were entirely inappropriate:

“Not only do these extremist judges threaten more than a century of progressive achievements,” read the letter cited by the Intercept. “…they threaten to foreclose the possibility of any future progress under a Democratic administration.”

During his campaign, Biden promised to create a commission on the court saying that the judicial system was “getting out of whack,” but said, “It’s not about court-packing.”

The bill doesn’t come as a surprise, considering that court-packing was a key issue in the Democratic primary with several candidates saying they supported it. If the move is successful, however, it would change the face of the judicial branch forever, something many conservatives consider to be a threat to the nation’s democracy. 

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        1. Would be nice but not possible. Trump warned us they would try to pack the court. Now we must make sure they don’t get away with it. Any ideas how we can do that??

    1. NO – ARREST, CONFISCATE THEIR WEALTH – AS ILL BEGOTTEN GAIN, HANG THEM ALL from the courthouse hangman trees w/ THEIR FAMILIES AKA ENABLERS OR POISON FRUIT FOR THEIR TREASON, SEDITION in accordance w/ the Constitutions as well as their crimes against humanity & peace.

    2. I could not argue your point one iota! Those imbeciles are destroying our nation, and they are not the ONLY ones…..other leftists are also working their tales off to OWN the USA so that they can live the way they are: destructive and hate filled. No one in their right mind would bother to MARRY one of the democrats….it would be hell only.

      1. Again I repeat. Get a copy of the “Declaration of Independence” what does it say about a treasonous government? We the people have to act.
        We have to get our President back. We all know they cheated via fraudulent actions with the voting in 2020. We want our elected President back.
        We the people, remember us?

        1. Can anybody out there ride a horse? Time for Paul Revere to ride again….the red coats (communists) are here. They are in the “White House”, and OUR CAPITAL.

      2. There is one sure way for us to take back our system of constitutional government, and it is called the Article Five Convention of States. I strongly suggest that every concerned American go to the Article Five Convention of States website and read it thoroughly. In addition, there is nothing in the Constitution governing the size of the Supreme Court. The majority party can change the size of the Court whenever they please. However, I think changing the Court’s size should be by a majority of both Houses, and for that, I think it would need a Constitutional amendment.

      1. Make sure Pelosi is at the top of the impeachment list along with Schumer. While you’re at it, impeach Kamala for protecting criminals that are destroying our cities using her own money like bailing out killers and rioters. Also Kamala wants to get rid of all the VA along with all the benefits for our veterans. She’s a sleaze and should not represent our country in any respect.

    3. I sure do agree, get rid p Piglosi too, they are all crooks and even the RATs have no guts to stand against them.

    4. This cannot be allowed to happen. Trump warned us about this and now we see he was right as usual. There must be peaceful protests against this NOW! I’m too old to protest but this is indeed a reason to protest but keep it peaceful. I don’t like war but this could very well start one. Dems have lost any respect they ever had by this tactic. The supreme court needs to stay at 9. Even Ginsburg said that. These Dems are making me miss Trump more and more each day as they come up with such frightening ideas. Pray as though your life depends on it because it does with this administration.

  2. ALL democrats in congress need to be removed and put in jail for treason along with the two idiots in the white house.

  3. Biden is a Professional Lyer with over 35 yrs of incompetent decision making and lying and should be impeached. He has turned hipocracy into an art form

  4. These guys are not in office for the good of the country, they are in it for their own personal gaines.
    I hope the democratic voters realize what is happening and vote these swamp creatures out of office when its time. Hopefully it won’t be to long before it happens and the country is not in total ruins.

    1. As long as the Dem-O-Craps keep promising free stuff, their base support will remain solid, so it will be like remove a tick from a hound.

  5. Lt. Rob Polans Spec & Intel Ops. Ret? Not PC. nor woke aso if I offend you, cancel my account! says:

    Okay, you’re not packing the SC. So what will you do to further screw up the judicial system? Unless every democrat is quitting it’s just getting worse.

    1. It sure does, how is it that our President Trump was tried to be impeached twice, and these clowns that are in office to day can so no wrong. IMPEACH BIDEN AD HIS ENTIRE PARTY.

  6. I totally agree with that statement and then we should finish the job and put more Conservative their place.

  7. Time to jail the liars, and throw away the key! If you or I had lied to the country like these two we would definitely be in jail! But there do we begin, well that would be a start with those two and we could begin thinning out a whole lot of them on both sides of the aisle!

  8. As long as Manchin doesn’t go back on his word this should never happen. But unfortunately I never trust a democrat.

  9. Reverse the protection force around the Capitol, and turn it into a confinement area for the Democrat leeches that occupy it. Make sure you invite all pro Democrat media and money men into the area before you lock it down.

  10. The new democrap cummunism party. We the people will only suffer more with this party. We the people will are now doomed. This new world order will cancel all we know.. king biden with the pen is all that is needed for law of the land…

  11. Sure!!! Why not give them everything they ask? If they don’t get it legally they’ll take it illegally anyway. It seems they’re capable of swinging anything to suit their agenda.

  12. I feel like only God can help us now. They’re changing the laws so they can do whatever they want and we the people just are supposed to suck it up. The government has gotten carried away with controlling the people they must be stopped

  13. We need more Conservative support showing. Where is our voice? The Dumbocraps are totally led by evil and hate. They have gone insane. It is time to show support for the right way. Love is great and spreads warmth. The evil, hate and wickedness will end our Country.

  14. Yup 6 conservative 3 liberal. Odd thing I thought the courts were meant to apply the law I.e. the constitution not political policy of the hour, or as the wind blows. The constitution should have never been allowed to be amended in the first place. Each state should be stripped of any abilities to make their own laws or policies and be forced to obey the constitutional laws which the law of the nation. Both political parties should be terminated and we return to Mr.smith goes to Washington approach of no more career politicians just people serving the country as advisers and fellow citizens. Take their pay and benefits away and see who is now really interested in the betterment of our country! They all belong on the group W bench as described in Alice’s Restaurant this is stupidity at its finest the both parties are wearing it.

  15. t thought that the Supreme Court was separate from the Elective and Administrative parts of the Government as a safety valve. They are supposed to be non partisan. I guess the original people who designed the 3 distinct bodies knew what they were doing because these guys today dont. They are making the Supreme Court just another part to control to fit their positions which makes you wonder if it is even necessary. Very sad and very dangerous for the US.

    1. Have you seen the latest? The demos are trying to add four more seats on the Supreme court. They want to plant demos in those
      positions so they will have the ability to sway to their side. Guess who their talking about adding? Obuma, who is not even a citizen.

  16. I feel the Devil Democrat Party is a CORRUPT COMMUNIST DICTATOR PARTY RUN BY SCHUMER and PELOSI and needs to be arrested for TREASON along with Shorty Nadler and Schiff and the two CLOWNS WE HAVE IN THERE AS A SO CALLED PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT DUMB AND DUMMER .

  17. We all have to raise up and stop theses basters socialites . march on you congressman and senators offices.

  18. Has anyone noticed the lack of comments supporting Demo’s in this comment section? Every other one I have spoke up on has some idiot defending
    Biden, Polsi and all the other idiots. I was talking to a neighbor the other day. I mentioned the border and the chaos it’s turned into. He asked why I
    feel that way? He defended the opening up of the border. I told him there were murderers and cartels coming across into our country, and that the news reports that 80% of the children unaccompanied by an adult are testing positive for COVID, the only ones being tested. I then asked him if he thinks it’s right for us to be wearing masks, having businesses and schools to be closed, taking precautions against COVID and then these illegal aliens coming across without any testing exposing our citizens to COVID openly without any protection. Biden is selling us down the tubes.


  20. If they get away with this it is time to take our country back or we will not have a country to take back.This administration is plotting to take our guns away while letting gang members and terrorists cross our borders, if this is not treason against Americans what is. The supreme court is already in the pockets of the denmonic party, this was proven last election. military time to live up to your oaths. you know Trump won the election I am sure you have the results of the forensics on the smartmatic and dominion.

    1. These idiots never did and never will realize, how scary repellent for the rest of the world and even most powerful countries outside America is the very fact that in the USA – as the only country in the world – millions of privately owned arms are in private hands of ordinary citizens! Hence every armed citizen is in fact the member of military with no cost to the budget! Government has nothing to worry about our safety! Just make outer shell!
      Such a country as ours never could and never would be invaded and occupied by any enemy, because every armed citizen at home lives in his own fortified castle! This is the real strength of our country and our nation and nobody but insane idiots could deny it! Every idiot, who will take arms from hands of millions American citizens is a public enemy of everyone of us and should be shot on spot!

  21. We always complaint about who is running this country, since we know what better for this country then we need to run for office. I remember taking a skill test to see in high school to where area work I should study and prepare for. I chose to apply for the military an follow my father foot steps to defend this country. After leaving the military I returned to school, I had several teachers ask me to look into politics. Studying some of the practices of govern you will never please people everyone will lie on you to make themself looks good. Every politician will lie to you to make everyone else look bad, these are the problems I see in today government. There’s no member of congress who is honest, or know an understand the Constitution of the United States. If we were a Member of Congress, we wouldn’t be caught up in criminal acts or acting against the Constitution. The laws of the land was created to maintain honest an respect for a nation of its citizens.

  22. Actually, only 5 Conservative judges, maybe. I don’t consider John Roberts a Conservative any longer. And, a couple of our newer ones I haven’t been trusting.

  23. Everybody agrees that the Dem’s are commies and out to destroy our nation and annex it to China so they can realize their BILLIONS—-Do not let them —protest in earnest in DC .GOP should walk out of congress until Dem’s are gone!!!!

  24. Why are they opening this can of Worms, They do that and next time Republicans are in charge they will do it again. Their turn will come again to get a A Supreme court pick, Just wait your turn it will come , The peoples party pick always changes back and fourth. Its just plain stupid to add these life time salary’s onto the backs of the tax payer because you Politicians want to play these games. Throw them all the hell out and start with new House and Senate.

  25. Sure, add 4 more judges to SCOTUS, HOWEVER, with the caveat that two be liberal and two be conservative. That would be the only equitable to do it.

  26. The temperature is rising against our traitors in Government. We want our Constitution followed, that means all, including the Supreme Court. By what I read, all have had enough. If I was a politician, I’d be very worried, really worried.

  27. Biden and his so call VP Harris need to be impeached, his dumb radical party all need to be thrown out of the white house, we need to save our country before it is completely destroyed.

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