Democrats Panicking – This News Is FATAL To Them

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6 Responses

  1. 75 percent want voter ID so why are the Liberals against having voter ID. Because they know they can’t Win if they don’t cheat.

    1. Voter ID’s should be mandatory in every state for the Presidential election. Actually every election I believe but definitely for our President. This country and the children and adults suffering needlessly at the border would be so much better off if 2020 had been legit… the children and adults who have died during their journey would be alive and all the rapes and abuses would not have happened. Shameful. I don’t think democrats care one bit about polls Johnny. They would have to care about people first.

    2. The left in Washington truly don’t care about what 75% of the people want. They don’t want to work for the people they just want to control the people. That is why we need to vote out as many as we can in th e next 2 elections. Maybe then we can get our Country back.

  2. I love my country. And we have a group who want nothing more than to take away our Bill of Rights one by one! And most of them that belong to that party don’t even know what’s going on nor do they seem to want to

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