Democrats mock the pledge of allegiance in leaked viral video

Democrats pretend to be patriotic, but when they think no one is listening they openly mock America.

That was all laid bare when Congressman Matt Gaetz took audio of congressional Democrats laughing at the Pledge of Allegiance during committee proceedings.

Fox reports:

When asked by Gaetz for the committee to recite the pledge, in what he considered “a nice gesture,” Nadler shut him down, claiming that “it’s unnecessary” since the full House begins each day with the text and that there was “no need” to do it twice.

In a hot mic audio recording obtained by the Daily Caller, which has not yet been verified, some House Democrats – including Rep. Steve Cohen – appeared to joke about Gaetz’s request, likening the repeated reciting of the pledge as akin to ducking under school tables during Cold War-era nuclear bomb drills.

Gaetz also called out Rep. Cory Bush’s, D-Mo., claiming she called the Pledge of Allegiance a white supremacist symbol.

“In these times when our country needs to see that Republicans and Democrats can do something together, that we can come together in some ways, I just thought it would be a nice gesture before debating some admittedly divisive issues,” said Gaetz.

Check out Hannity’s segment on the shocking moment: