Democrats find the votes to secure New Jersey Governor’s race, Phil Murphy barely survives Republican challenger

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (D) has found the votes to put him ahead of Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli in a shockingly tight race. While Murphy’s win may look like a big victory, it should terrify Democrats that the race was ever close.

New Jersey’s gubernatorial race was decided by a razor-thin margin of a few thousand votes. In fact, there was a point where it looked like Ciattarelli had pulled off the impossible.

Upsetting Democrats in a state as blue as New Jersey would have been truly groundbreaking. Thanks to a massive swing of voters, Republicans will be competitive in the Garden State for the foreseeable future.

Even as Murphy hung onto his job by the threads, Republicans claimed major victories in other races.

New Jersey’s longest-tenured Democrat Stephen Sweeney lost his race to a political newcomer by the name of Ed Durr. Durr’s campaign captured national attention for spending next to nothing compared to his Democrat opponent.

The New Jersey election was nearly as disastrous for Democrats as the Virginia elections were. Hanging onto the Governor’s seat is little comfort when it comes by such close margins.

Democrats may have found the votes to win on Tuesday, but will they be able to do it again in the 2022 midterm elections.

Tuesday’s elections set the tone for next year’s midterm elections. Thanks to President Biden’s disastrous time in office, voters couldn’t be less interested in voting blue, and it showed on Tuesday.

When all is said and done, Phil Murphy will find he is part of an endangered species when the red wave hits next year.