Democrats are trying to shut down all Biden-related investigations – Durham included

After the steal comes the coverup.

Law professor Jonathan Turley warns that a Democratic congress is likely to work in concert with a Biden Department of Justice to suppress investigations that are damaging, including the Durham investigation and the inquiries into Hunter Biden.

Durham dead in the water

Turley writes:

There is ample reason why a Biden administration would want to see Durham’s investigation closed. Earlier this year, disclosures contradicted Biden’s denials that he knew of or was involved in the investigation of figures like Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn; the disclosures indicated Biden may have sought to “unmask” Flynn in surveillance reports. There also are accounts from the Oval Office that Biden was briefed on the Flynn investigation, including the fact that the FBI thought his discussions with Russian diplomats were “legit.” Earlier, FBI investigators sought to end the Flynn investigation for lack of evidence of any crime; according to one report,Biden raised the possibility of prosecuting Flynn under the Logan Act, a federal law widely viewed as unconstitutional.

The Durham investigation may not result in new indictments but could result in the release of new evidence. Indeed, the greatest risk of intervention by the Biden administration would be the withholding of any report or the use of classification rules to bar parts of its release. That report could shed light on how the Russia investigation began and was sustained, despite early intelligence refuting the collusion allegations. This includes recently released information that President Obama was briefed on intelligence suggesting that Hillary Clinton was working to falsely paint Trump as colluding with Russians. Such findings could be highly embarrassing not only to Obama administration officials but a number of congressional Democrats — including Rep. Schiff, who assured the public that, after contrary findings by the special counsel and the inspector general, his House committee had clear evidence of collusion. Schiff never produced that evidence.

Hunter’s scandals

Turley is even more emphatic about the need to move quickly to set up investigations of the Hunter Biden, perhaps even with a special counsel.

It may be easier for the Biden Justice Department to shut down an investigation of Hunter Biden. Although most of the media imposed a blackout on coverage, the alleged Hunter Biden laptop contains disturbing evidence of a global influence-peddling scheme by Hunter and his uncle, James Biden. The laptop’s emails, which the Biden family has not denied are authentic, directly contradict statements by Joe Biden. Moreover, Hunter Bidens ex-business associate, Tony Bobulinski, gave the FBI a sworn statement that not only was this a knowing influence-peddling scheme but that Joe Biden knew of and was involved in it.

The FBI reportedly subpoenaed the laptop as part of a money-laundering investigation that included Hunter Biden in 2019. If true, that investigation could directly implicate the president-elect.

The danger for prosecutors is greater because the Biden administration can rely on a supportive media. The only people more embarrassed by allegations of criminal conduct in the Hunter Biden investigation would be media members who have repeatedly assured the public that there is nothing to investigate.

…That is why developments in the next few weeks will be so interesting. These prosecutors could set their investigations into the amber of the lame-duck period asinsurance against Biden administration interference. That could force a question over the need for a special counsel, if criminal conduct is further revealed by indictments or reports.

Turley is 100% right. Democrats will do anything they possibly can to bury the Durham and Hunter Biden investigations if they get control of the DOJ. The only thing that can prevent that is swift action by Bill Barr’s DOJ to set up a special counsel.

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  1. We have to continue to make them responsible. They seem to think that can get away with anything. I’m tired of them getting g away with what an average citizen can not. Hold all of them responsible. Hillary, Obama, Joe and Hunter. They are stealing from Americans. If we don’t make them pay now it will continue. Don’t forget to finish Epstein too. Young girls deserve better

  2. As usual…the media is desperate to keep a lid on the scandals and corruption of the Deep State we know is there. Ultimately, we are seeing the bias as plain as day. I hope to be able to awake one morning to hear the truth on the news for a change….I keep turning it off…so I will not know what is really going on unless I get the news from the sites online….some from Newsmax, OANN, and some of the GOOD Fox journalists. And I like to get the info. going on in the White House from and that is the real deal!! My question for Durham is….who is threatening your life? That is no doubt the question we need to be asking. OR (I hate to even think this, but…) who is paying you off to leave these many crimes untouched by punishment?

  3. If the gutless, spineless Republicans in Congress and the Senate would demand the DOJ get off their butt and appoint a special prosecutor, they could nullify Biden’s attempt to stop these investigations.

  4. I am sick, and tired of the Dems out smarting the Republicans. I was told the Durham report would be public before the election…..but what happened? This is how the illegal activities on the part of the Dems is rewarded, by the Republicans. This is one deplorable who is sick and tired of the Republicans being outplayed by the Dems! Why is it the Republicans keep covering up for the Dems? I am beginning to wonder where the investigation should start. I think the Justice Department need a complete over haul. But it looks like the Dems will be rewarded again for their mis deeds. Joe Biden has not accomplished anything his entire lifetime in politics…..yet I am to believe this man who thinks he is running for the Senate won this election?

  5. So many people won this election, Hillary, Comey, Obama, the FBI, the CIA, Camala, Jeffery Epstein, and so many more. Joe didn’t win! He was merely selected because he was the least likely to be voted down…not because he offered anything other than being the least objectionable Non-Trump choice.

  6. Get an investigation going NOW!! The Biden family can’t get away with this scandal!! All of America needs justice, after this scam of an election!! This is our country!! We can demand action be taken!! Hillary, Obama, Biden, they ALL need to be brought to justice!! As you all have probably noticed…who has been talking for Biden…Obama!!! He’s back for more power!! He’s calling the shots!! Biden isn’t capable. It hasn’t even started the next 4 years, and right now, today, is just a little taste of what is to come!! Yes, a “Dark winter” is coming!!

  7. Republicans , you all need to stick together more now then ever.
    We have one Commander in Chief President Donald J Trump.
    In 2016 he won the election.
    And some of you have not supported him, but rather joined forces with the Democratic swamp creatures to have him removed from office.
    For you corrupted two face individuals should resigned immediately.
    This President and his family have been attacked even when he was just running.
    Remember, when you allow this type of behavior from his own party. You are nothing but traitors to him and every American who voted for him to be President.
    The funny thing is, Trump kept his word and has accomplished
    more thing so far then the last five President’s before him.
    So either you support him or just resign.
    Because, the true American people are watching you and there not happy seeing you back stabbing our true Leader.
    Start supporting him, and start fighting back the Democratic Swamp Creatures not our President. Trump 2020

  8. BARR at the direction of the POTUS must immediately convert DURHAM into a Special Prosecutor with full powers of grand jury and prosecution and to build a team with JUDICIAL WATCH lawyers.
    The focus will be on everything OBAMA, KERRY, CLINTON, CLINTON FOUNDATION, FBI under Mueller and COmey, DOJ under Holder Lynch, et al give them 50 million and 12 months and shall report to a GOP FISA JUDGE

  9. The gutless Republicans would quit saying we’re going to do this and that would get off their butts and really DO SOMETHING we would be able to see those commie Dems. get what’s coming to them……..jail them all. But I’m not holding my breath. Hear that Lindsey! Get off your duff and make it happen!

  10. Well bill bar, you are as feckless as sessions. it is obvious you were paid off or support the criminality of the demonRat’s. Why don’t you disband the DOJ & FBI.

  11. Durham needs to put this investigation and his findings out now! He has had more than ample time to investigate, to the expense of the tax payers! WE WANT ANSWERS NOW! If he covers up all his findings, he is no better than the demonrats who have committed treason all along! C’mon man! Do your damned job! The clear evidence is there, take all those a- holes down now! Barr, order that report to be made public, we have a right to know now!!

  12. Well, I guess for the first time since this mess with Biden and his silly son first broke, someone with half a brain has finally told the truth. Unless President Trump prevails in this sham of an election everything to do with these liars, cheats and thieves will be shut down. Hillary included!

  13. It now does appear that Durham may have come under the sway of the dems. That’s a shame. Trump should demand a report from Durham. If not Trump then who? Even if Durham’s investigation is incomplete he should be able to give us the findings so far and he should clearly state when his final report will be forthcoming. Where is the Justice Department?

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