Democrats are panicking about Biden administration’s extreme tax hike

President Joe Biden is suffering questions from his own party about proposed tax hikes, according to a report in The Daily Wire.

The Daily Wire’s Emily Zanotti reported that Congressional Democrats are “skeptical” of the tax increase that would affect both individuals and major corporations.

Those closes to Biden are reportedly now concerned that when taken into consideration with the administration’s other first term ambitions, this might be a stretch too far.

Biden’s allies are concerned that the president’s agenda is “dangling by a thread” that might already be a strain on the ever so slim majority in the Senate and lack of compliant judges on the Supreme Court.

The Washington Post and The New York Times have both noted Democrat concern about the tax plan in conjunction with the Democrats’ plan to repeal the SALT (State and Local Taxes) deduction cap.

That plan would allow the most wealthy in the most liberal states to deduct more from their state and local taxes from their federal return, according to Zanotti.

“Pockets of skepticism have emerged within Biden’s party over White House plans to raise the corporate tax rate, revamp the international tax system and double tax rates on wealthy investors, among other measures critical to the administration’s plans,” the Post reported.

“The party faces regional divides over taxes as well, with farm-state Democrats skittish about taxes on heirs and coastal Democrats demanding the repeal of limits on state and local tax deductions, which would amount to an expensive tax cut that would require higher taxes elsewhere.” While the Times reported that “In a narrowly divided Congress, an illness or a death could upend the balance of power and threaten an ambitious agenda.”

“Our ability to make good on Biden’s agenda is pretty much dangling by a thread,” Democratic strategist Brian Fallon told the paper. “I don’t think it’s uncouth to talk about it. I think it’s a reality that has to inform the urgency with which we approach those issues.”

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  3. Hooray see the Dems panic since they put Joe in charge day 1
    Reap what U sow Dems
    Its On YOU

  4. the only damage Trump did was to the one world communist plans that have been in operation for decades.

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  6. You are right. The working man pays the price of the corporate tax increase in taxes. This is because the corporation raises the price of the product he makes. How dumb are you BIDEN.

  7. I’m reading comments about how badly Biden needs to be impeached yet common sense dictates that because of his crimes openly and continually committed, he and his entire administration as well as various senators and representatives should be first impeached, then once successfully impeached arrested, charged, tried and hopefully convicted of depraved indifference, corruption under the rico act, misuse of taxpayer funds, murder, treason and any other crimes they’ve committed. This would serve notice to politicians that they aren’t in charge, and corruption will not be tolerated anymore.

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  8. From over here in the UK.

    I have always had admiration for the American people, I still do have , but really a good fifty percent of them really must be completely stupid……………who on earth voted for the criminal organisation known as the Democrat party led by evil criminals such as Biden and Pelosi?

    Oh , I know……….the work shy, lazy, sofa sitting, Pizza eating, free stuff collecting brainless retards that hold American citizenship and all those without American citizenship…………but manage to still get a vote!

    1. Hi Donald. Always glad to hear from our ‘cousins’ from ‘across the Pond’!! Try not to judge us too harshly, though. Admittedly, we’ve taken a lot for granted in this country but the majority of our ‘Citizens’ are hard working people who care about America. MSM doesn’t focus on those people as we aren’t ‘newsworthy’, I guess.! LOL We have discovered a great many in our ranks who are selfish and willing to sell out our country for the ‘almighty buck’ but I think they are under the illusion that what they’ve done really ‘doesn’t matter’ and that the country will go on as ‘always’! They are the generation of ‘spoiled rotten’ ‘fools’ who have always known freedom and have little to no knowledge of anything else. As the saying goes, ‘We either learn from history or we are condemned to repeat it’!! I think the ‘lessons’ are about to begin and there is no ‘playing hooky’!! The Elders, who have lived through the wars and recessions, do not support the Liberal agendas. We will do our very best to sort this ‘mess’ out before permanent damage is done–we hope. The waves of illegals are, indeed, a major problem. They have no investment in America and have been promised ‘Free Everything’ by irresponsible ‘leaders’!! That, of course, is an unsustainable LIE, which they will soon find out. Meanwhile, how’s ‘jolly old England’ doing?? “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone’, friend!! I understand She has her own troubles. Much of which has been brought on by ‘illegal’ immigrants. Having had English ancestors, we do maintain and interest and caring for the British Isles. We do wish the best for all of you and hope you survive this newest onslaught of ‘uncaring’ immigration. The ‘Brits’ are a strong people. Take care—

    2. We have been victims of our own complacency. We send our children to school, confident they will be taught the 3 R’s, Civics and History. We had no idea how infiltrated by Communists our schools and universities were. We failed to look at their textbooks or have dinner with our children where we could ask questions about what they learned today. Too busy being two-salaried families. Too busy being career women first, and parents after. The “Feminists” told us we had to be bread-winners and compete with our husbands. Thus, divorce, one-parent families and latch-key kids became the norm.
      Now we are finally waking up to the cruel facts that the Democratic party has been hi-jacked by the Communists and we have people who are so brain-washed they can’t think for themselves. That’s how the Democrats STOLE the election!! Biden didn’t win in an honest election. It was rigged by the criminal elements in the Democrat Party using the China virus as an excuse! Now they want to codify into law the obscene mail-in ballots which will keep incompetent crooks like Biden in the White House. They made up a fake “INSURRECTION”. They better understand that a real REVOLUTION might be the result of this disgusting Administration!

  9. Biden has the Midas touch in reverse. Everything Midas touched turned to gold; everything Biden touches turns to crap.

  10. Biden has done all he thinks he could get by with in a short period of time , to destroy America , per soros , the NWO agenda , obama’s islamic & communist china’s goals !

  11. Don’t make the mistake of buying in to the Democrats as the lone villain in all these actions /stories .They have been playing the “Red/Blue ” game and ” we the sheep ” have continued to fund and allow both Parties to enhance their power ,money and influence but NOT deliver very much to the voters . Example :The COVID /Pork vote way 359 for &53 against >> 92 for & 6 against in the Senate .Just go back and look at what they “say ” and what they “do”///

    1. He is only the ‘Mask’ the Anti-Christ hides behind. One reason the Dems chose him to run for the presidency. They think he has the ‘kindly, old Unca Joe’ face that will make people feel comfortable voting for him. Well, his eyes betray him as does his mind. He ‘slips’ into telling the ‘truth’ once in awhile and his behavior around children makes me feel anything ‘but’ comfortable!!

  12. My limited income can’t afford to have Biden as president. His tax increases, high gas prices, etc. are taking a toll on me. Biden is busy taking care of everyone that is not American. I was better off financially when we had President Trump. He was for America and truly the best President ever.

  13. Vote .org is already recruiting and matching collage students to large corporations to work for there so called non partisan public funded election voter registration .(pretty sure they were Trump hating Demacratic rooted in last presidential election )

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  16. Year to date the Stolen Presidency has been a complete disaster. China Joe and Willys Girl Friend are totally incompetent. Their Handler are just as corrupt as these two Beauties. The sooner they are outta here, the better off it will be for all American.

        1. I so agree. But also include Kamala Harris. And polosi. Biden and the other 2 are the biggest criminals and very corrupt

          1. I agree also but impeachment and removal is a very ‘good’ start! Get them out of their ‘political protection’ levels and then go after them on the ‘citizen level’ for their atrocities against America!!

  17. A doubling of corporate income taxes will drive USA manufacturing off shore again. I na previous career I made many trips to Asian countries FYI the corporate tax rate (Year 2001) in China was 18.5 percent with all expenses deductible. Worker Bee wages were around $3.50 per hour Living quarters , food, and clothing, medical care for workers all provided for free. By 2012 (The last year I worked that job) Corporate taxes had risen to 20.5 percent, Worker Bee wages to $7.50 per hour. To day I would expect Worker Bee wages to be around $10 – $12 per hour. Trump was elected, he cut USA corporate taxes to a little over 20 percent from over 28 percent with limited expense deductions. Amazingly enough manufacturing began moving back into the USA. Now Biden is doubling taxes again. What do you think will happen to USA manufacturing?
    The subject that controls all of this is called Economics. Study it!

    1. Already started, Dave! Ford is moving it’s factory to Mexico and the markets are flooded with ‘Chinese Junk’ again. ‘Made in America’ is becoming more ‘rare’ every day!! I was willing to pay the few ‘extra’ dollars for American made products because I knew I was getting ‘quality’ that would last! Now, back to ‘America the land of Throw Away’, again!! Exactly ‘what’ is ‘green’ about that???

  18. Benedict Biden and his whole radical clan, including their business bed partners need to go! They are ruining the American economy, putting at risk of both civil war and nuclear war with our enemies. Not to mention the fact, that God may say “see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya! If anyone says “God bless America” it better be in prayer as a plea, otherwise it ain’t gonna happen!

      1. We certainly don’t want Trump back. That would be a really stupid move. He did enough harm and must be gone.

        1. Who is ‘we’??? There are 80million ‘we’s’ who DO want Trump back!! In fact, ‘WE’ would love to see a ‘Trump/DeSantis’ ticket! The ‘Dynamic Duo’ of politics!!! lol

        2. Speak for yourself. America needs President Trump back in office. There are conservative GOP with enough intellegence to get this nation back on track after all the damage Biden & his liberals have done, I just don’t know if we can survive another 19 months waiting for the 2022 elections!

  19. ❤💥👍CHRISTrumpOwens and all their US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2021/2022/2024 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen👍💥❤

    1. Yes, to all. It will take all of them to straighten out this mess of the Demon Rats made.

  20. When you increase corporate taxes you are increasing the price of the products they make which intern means The Working Man pays the higher price which means The Working Man pays the increase in corporate taxes

    1. I’ve been pointing that out to my liberal friends for years and they brush it aside as though “it matters not.” What planet are these people on?

      1. Gary…… must have some very stupid and dumb friends……..time to get some brighter ones!

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