Democrats are panicking about Biden administration’s extreme tax hike

President Joe Biden is suffering questions from his own party about proposed tax hikes, according to a report in The Daily Wire.

The Daily Wire’s Emily Zanotti reported that Congressional Democrats are “skeptical” of the tax increase that would affect both individuals and major corporations.

Those closes to Biden are reportedly now concerned that when taken into consideration with the administration’s other first term ambitions, this might be a stretch too far.

Biden’s allies are concerned that the president’s agenda is “dangling by a thread” that might already be a strain on the ever so slim majority in the Senate and lack of compliant judges on the Supreme Court.

The Washington Post and The New York Times have both noted Democrat concern about the tax plan in conjunction with the Democrats’ plan to repeal the SALT (State and Local Taxes) deduction cap.

That plan would allow the most wealthy in the most liberal states to deduct more from their state and local taxes from their federal return, according to Zanotti.

“Pockets of skepticism have emerged within Biden’s party over White House plans to raise the corporate tax rate, revamp the international tax system and double tax rates on wealthy investors, among other measures critical to the administration’s plans,” the Post reported.

“The party faces regional divides over taxes as well, with farm-state Democrats skittish about taxes on heirs and coastal Democrats demanding the repeal of limits on state and local tax deductions, which would amount to an expensive tax cut that would require higher taxes elsewhere.” While the Times reported that “In a narrowly divided Congress, an illness or a death could upend the balance of power and threaten an ambitious agenda.”

“Our ability to make good on Biden’s agenda is pretty much dangling by a thread,” Democratic strategist Brian Fallon told the paper. “I don’t think it’s uncouth to talk about it. I think it’s a reality that has to inform the urgency with which we approach those issues.”